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  grumpano 14:15 14 Mar 2005

After recommending the above company for my brother to get his new pc, i am now feeling very embarrassed. He bought a new pc but on setting it up the first thing he noticed was that the monitor has a dead pixal in the middle of the screen, The card reader that was part of the package is not there, the software they promised to load is not there and. after they promised the pc would be quiet it sounds like a train.
Can anybody advise me on the course of action he should take.
Thanks in advance.

  wiz-king 15:28 14 Mar 2005

List your complaints and ask to return the computer for a refund as it is not what you asked for. They may offer to fix it in which case you can take up the offer or refuse it which ever takes you fancy, but make it clear that it must meet the requirments of the order. The one dead pixel could be a problem, depending on the make, most manufacturers make screen that may have up to four dead pixels ut they should not be in the main screen area - not sure how you define that. But get in contact with the firm ASAP.

  wjrt 16:37 14 Mar 2005

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have a look here and search for distance selling in the left hand searchbox for more threads might help you decide to progress

  grumpano 23:49 14 Mar 2005

Ok after my brother phoned them they said replacing the monitor wont be a problem and that Nero 6 would be in tommorows post. But they also said that the card reader is an external one and that they would send this also! I really cant see this being right, so my brother is going to demand an internal one instead, so we shall see.

  josie mayhem 17:44 15 Mar 2005

Hold your guns here.

By your posting it sounds like Chrisma is not only acting quickly but fairly has well. There not many companies who will replace a monitor for 1 dead pixel, I always thought the maxium allowed were 6, any where on the screen. Check out some of the postings on here to see what problems some have had concerning dead pixels.

Is it really important that your brother has a internal card reader on his computer. Because if everything is being sorted and everything arrives/replaced as promised. Is it really worth going through all that hassel of arranging for returns waitng for refund, and then finding another computer?

  Totally-braindead 18:41 15 Mar 2005

Agree with josie here, the company has obviously mucked things up but by the sound of it they're definately sorting it out. Regarding the dead pixel hes very, very lucky they're replacing the monitor at all as they have no obligation to do so, as josie points out TFT monitor are allowed to have several dead pixels before they will be accepted for return. Regarding the internal card reader are you or your brother able to connect it up, if not you may be better off with the external one anyway.

  grumpano 20:03 15 Mar 2005

i'm still waiting for my brother to let me know if the problems have been sorted today. As far as the card reader is concerned, maybe your right. will keep you posted.

  spuds 23:43 15 Mar 2005

The dead pixel issue is still debatable, as some manufacturers like Samsung have a zero tolerance, whilst other manufacturers state that some dead pixels are allowable depending on the location. Usually all manufacturers will replace their product if a dead pixel is centre screen.

A trick that sometimes works, is to get a slightly damp cotton bud, and very gently rub in a circular motion the area of the dead pixel, this sometimes solves the problem.

Might be worth a read click here

  grumpano 23:46 15 Mar 2005

Thanks, will pass on info.

  grumpano 11:34 27 Mar 2005

Ok monitor replaced for one with no dead pixals, so all seems to be sorted now.

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