Problems with Mesh

  venglos 11:03 21 Nov 2006

I recently purchased a Mesh system (serial SO_36283). Base unit arrived about 2 months ago, monitor about 3-4 weeks ago.

Not installed any additional hardware, only added MS office software.

For the few weeks I have had the machine I have been getting memory exception messages during use. Last week machine rebooted to a blue windows screen “Machine Check Exception” and would not then reboot. I contacted Mesh Customer Support and they recommended I use recovery CD. I backed up C:\DRIVERS and ran the recovery CD. It was actually a copy of XP, not a recovery CD in true sense e.g. a reloadable disk image

Once windows XP was reloaded I found 9 drivers were missing – SMBus, Mass Storage Device, etc etc.

No driver CD came with the PC. Support were supposed to send me a disk, hasn’t arrived yet after 5 days. On the phone I have been given wrong information regarding the drivers, asking me to download drivers for the wrong wireless network card for example.

Yesterday I rang to ask what wireless card was in my machine, after being put on hold I was told they would email me (not sure why couldn’t just tell me!?). Email hasn’t arrived.

I have now managed to reload all drivers for all hardware components, after spending 2 days trying to get some direction from Mesh.

Still getting blue screen when rebooting. Not every time, but randomly and but quite often.

Mesh are supposed to be having an engineer call me to arrange visit but still waiting to hear.

I am more than happy to let Mesh sort these problems out, but I am very frustrated and as I run my own business I need a quick resolution. I cannot afford to continue wasting days trying to find a solution myself due to lack of support. Plus, why should I - the machine has been with me a matter of weeks and obviously has an underlying fault.

I am getting to the stage where I will have to look at returning the machine and taking action for a refund as there is obviously some underlying hardware problem from delivery and the machine is not fit for purpose.

The machine is an Elite 2 SLI GT9 as still for sale by Mesh (£1799). Has anyone else had similar problems??

  wjrt 11:37 21 Nov 2006

type mesh in the search box at top right of page and read some of the threads. you are not alone.
[email protected]
include your order number and screenname and add pca consumerwatch forum

  venglos 11:46 21 Nov 2006

Thanks, did email Davey earlier today, having reda some of the many threads. Just hope I am not in for a long haul :-)

  season8 13:46 21 Nov 2006

Again we have a mesh customer coming to a public forum to get help as mesh customer service seems not able to help. May be mesh need to invest in a more proactive way of dealing with these problems.

  spuds 13:49 21 Nov 2006

Strange really, as I haven't seen Davey or Nick responding to threads on the forum lately. But I have noticed that the Forum Editor as asked or suggested that people can contact him via 'contact forum editor' tab, about Mesh problems, using the same procedure of giving date of purchase, serial number etc. Might pay to try that route, or direct him to this posting for further assistance!.

  msjb 21:50 18 Dec 2006

I have just bought the same machine (so 47488), after spending the first day on the phone getting it to finally boot up as it was set up to boot from the empty version of my two hard drives,i too now have the same problem.

The PC now consistently fails to start up, locking when xp starts to load and frequently displaying the "Machine Check Exception" screen.

I too have to tackle MESH support now, did you get your situation resolved?

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