Problems with Evesham Technology

  reevo1390 22:38 01 Nov 2006

n February 2005 I bought an Evesham Axis computer on-line from Evesham technology. This computer came with a 3 year on site warranty.

On 15th September 2006 the computer shutdown whilst in use and I was unable to re boot the system.After spending over 40 mins on the Evesham technical support line I was advised that the fault with the computer could not be diagnosed and that it would havee to be returned to Evesham by courier. This I duly did and after appx 10 days received the computer back.

Upon receipt I set it up and on turning it on it would power up but would not boot up. I contacted the Evesham technical support line again and after further fault finding exercise was advised it would have to be returned a second time.

At this point I spoke to the customer care dept to explain my disatisfaction at the repair work not curing the problems with the computer. After my complaint I was advised that the next step would be for a customer care report to be completed by the technical support dept which involved a thorough examination of the computer and then a supervisor would contact me to explain whether or not the computer could be repaired or a replacement provided.

The computer was then returned for a 2nd time and upon the customer care report being completed I was contacted by a supervisor who explained that the computer had been repaired and would be returned to me.

Upon receipt I set it up and on turning it on it would power up but would not boot up. I contacted the Evesham technical support line again and after further fault finding exercise was advised it would have to be returned for a third time for a further customer care report.

Again the computer went off for repair and I was contacted again by a supervisor who advised that the computer had been repaired. Due to the inconvinence caused evesham agreed to my request to upgrade my ram from 512mb to 1gb as a gesture of goodwill for the problems suffered.

I receieved the computer back last week and it finally worked. However only for several days as on Sunday it broke down for a 4th time.I went throught he usual phone calls and have requested a refund or a brand new replacement.

At this time Evesham are refusing all requests for the above and instead insist that the computer be returned for a 3rd customer care report in as many weeks.I have stated that this is not acceptablel and reiterated my desire for a refund or replacement. They steadfastly refuse and have compromised and said they will send an engineer out to replace the hard drive which they state is the likely cause of the problem on this occasion.

I have taken advice from local trading standards and they advised that normally 3 attempts at repairing faulty goods isreasonable before a refund or replacement can be considered.

Evesham state they have replaced the motherboard, HDD,video card and other components but they are still unable to build a computer that works.

I need help.All efforts to speak to a manager are refused and Im constantly fobbed off with the excuse that Evesham has the right to inspect and repair the computer but how long for. On reading other websites there is generally a high praise for the standard of customer service received but not on this occasion.

Please help can anybody advise a remedy to this farcical situation.


Paul Reeve

  FatboySlim71 23:04 02 Nov 2006

Correct me if im wrong, but you said "This computer came with a 3 year on site warranty" So why did you have to send it back to them, surely the purpose of an onsite warranty is so that if a problem arises, an engineer will call to your home and fix it. Also when you returned it by courier, was this at your own cost.

  tammer 23:18 02 Nov 2006

Evesham occasionally moniter this forum so here's a chance for them to come back and fix the situation.

I don't think you're entitled to a brand new replacement but they could provide you with a second hand one of equivalent standard.

Evesham are usually a good company with the only slip being an occasional bad job by the repair department (in my experience).

  reevo1390 23:51 02 Nov 2006

I have been advised by the company that it is at the discretion of evesham as to whether or not they dispatch an engineer or require the computer to be returned for repair.

It is clear that they are unable to rectify the problem in house. I have not been charged for the cost of returning the computer however the inconvinence of waiting for a courier to collect/return the machine between 8am - 4 pm on 6 occasions in the past 5 weeks is wearing thin. I work shifts and the arrangements to return/ receive the computer has caused me a headache in trying to get time off work or get family members to take delievery.

  FatboySlim71 08:04 03 Nov 2006

I does indeed sound like a real headache. I think that if a customer has paid for an on site warranty and its only right that Evesahm should do this, is that they come out to you, after all you have paid for the onsite warranty and it should be the customers discretion as to if they want an enginneer to call out.

I had a bad experiance once with Cube PC's, basically my PC kept getting a major crash nearly every week or so and when it done this it corrupted the contents of the hard drive and Windows would then not load at all, and from the advice from Cube they told me "run the PC for a week or so without putting any programs on and see if the problem returns", which indeed it did, the thing that made me mad was that my PC was just over a week old the first time it had done this and I had to send it back to them (AT MY OWN COST) and with the PC been expensive I then had to take out insurance from the courier just in case it was damaged on route to them and the total cost then was around £55, granted the PC I bought did not come with an onsite warranty, I never had an option to have one either. After several times of the same fault occuring I got very and tiried and lighter in the wallet of having to send it back to them, I think that Cube should have paid the shipping charge, after all the machine was still well under warranty.

I own an Evesham PC at present as in the end I sold the Cube PC, and fingers and everything else crossed, I have had no problems, it seems a very stable PC and very very rarely crashes, at least though Evesham sound better than Cube in the respect that they do not expect the customer to pay the shipping charge for a PC that is under warranty. I hope it comes good in the end for you.

  season8 09:12 03 Nov 2006

Send a letter recorded delivery to the MD of CEO.
Explain the situation and any advice you have been given by trading standards and say politly that if if the pc is not repaired/relaced to your satisfaction within 14 days you will seek address elsewhere.

  [email protected] 11:25 03 Nov 2006

Have they acknoweldged that you have an on site warranty? I have had the engineer call when I have had an Evesham problem in the past?

  [email protected] 11:39 03 Nov 2006

Try contacting jonathon Jackson (Support Manager) on [email protected]e may have moved on by now, but if not he sorted my probs out very quickly after experiencing poor service as you have!

  wint 12:18 03 Nov 2006

A friend recommended Evesham to me having had 2 excellent machines from them.

I am very pleased with mine, as is another friend and my son with his so I had no doubt abour recommending Evesham to a colleague at work.

Wrong! My colleague has had a similar set of problems as experienced by reevo1390. So similar in fact that I wonder if they have a bad batch of components? She has had a new mothorboard, processor and hard drive and it still won't boot up!

I now feel guilty in recommending the company. Lesson learned...

If Evesham do have a presence here a comment would be appreciated.

  Evesham Support 16:29 03 Nov 2006

We are very sorry to hear of the problems reevo1390 has been having with your purchase. We would be happy to look into this issue for you further and obviously wish to be able to bring this unfortunate matter to a swift and amicable conclusion. We would ask that you kindly forward your serial number and a contact telephone number to our e-mail address at [email protected] and we shall contact you directly in order to have this issue resolved without further delay.

Kind Regards

Evesham Support Team

  Danoh 18:34 03 Nov 2006

Sorry to hear of your troubles reevo1390.

I bought from Evesham Mar 2002 and Jan 2006 and each machines have had 1 or 2 site visits from engineers which did fix things each time.

Whenever I've had to call for support, I'd already been through a methodical trouble-shooting process where I logged details down. I've always found that helped Evesham's support team get to the possible causes very quickly, or suggested booking an engineer's site visit without any prompt from myself.

I've even had a proactive call from Evesham earlier this week ~ I had reported a problem last year which went away so I forgot to follow-up with an update.
The older PC is still providing sterling service and even had a hard disk replaced by Evesham in the last month of its 3rd year!

So I guess you and wint's colleague must have had a couple of bad 'uns?

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