problems with Evesham

  Mr Compton 20:21 27 Aug 2006

I would just like to register my disappointment with Evesham. The reason for this is that I have read about their many happy customers, but for those who have not had a good experience with them, I would like to say that you are not alone! See my previous post (24/12/05) for the first instalment of the story :)

The result of this was that in january 2006 (after I managed to do my coursework on it) I contacted Evesham. After a few more phone calls (at least 30mins each and involving numerous format/reinstalls) the laptop was still slow, and 'clicking'. When I kept asking them "why can't I send it back to you to have a look at it" they told me that they had to make sure that it was not a software issue. This is fine (I had read their terms and conditions), but why spend hours on the phone repeating the same things with no results? They said the clicking noise was the hard drive. Eventually on the fourth reinstall over the phone, the machine began to restart every time it got to a certain point during startup. They finally agreed to let me send it to them. When I got it back, they had replaced the 'faulty dvd drive' and 'faulty hard drive'. Interestingly the replacement hard drive did not make the same 'clicking noise' as the old one, even though they were adamant that this noise was normal. On top of that, the outer casing (which I had kept in pristine condition) now had deep scratches in the top and marks on the underside from poor screwdriver control. I was just happy to have the damn thing back and working, so didn't take this matter any further - I should have, but my course was very intensive and I had no more free time.

My main problem is that it was incredibly difficult to get Evesham to take my laptop in for repair, purely because they didn't think it had a hardware problem (when it actually was). So basically, if they did not want to take it in for examination I would have been stuck because they didn't believe me.

Fortunately since then it has worked ok, UNTIL NOW THAT IS. It started with a very noisy 'hum' (which I assumed could be the fan or dvd drive) and now has begun restarting again every time it gets to a certain point during startup - like last time.
I am going to contact Evesham, wary that I will have the whole "let's see if it's a software problem" thing again.

Sorry, I have gone on a bit. But just wanted to let you unhappy Evesham customers (a minority I know) know that there's more of us out there!

If anyone has any ideas on my situation I'd be grateful for your contributions.


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