Problems at Ebuyer...

  Sir Radfordin 13:07 01 Dec 2003

Thinking of buying from Ebuyer?

You may be interested in this information they have sent out to some customers:

"Due to the upturn in our order volumes we are currently experiencing a 1-2 day backlog on our
Standard - Super saver delivery orders and some Priority service orders. Our dispatch teams are
working round the clock to clear these backlogs and we are currently recruiting to relieve and
balance the extra workload. We expect to have the current volumes under control very shortly.

We have contacted our warehouse to request that the outstanding item/s are dispatched today to be with you on the next working day on a priority service.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for any annoyance and disappointment that this delay may have caused you."


Placed a rather large order on Friday with "Priority" service (Delivery tommorrow, Tuesday) and as yet it is still "awaiting Dispatch" and has been since Friday evening. we will wait and see.........

  TheTerminator 16:21 01 Dec 2003

and on both times cancelled my order as there appears to be a great difference between their advertised delivery times and actual times.
On both times I awaited a week before cancelling my order for things that the website had reported were in stock..

  Sir Radfordin 16:45 01 Dec 2003

Stuff I ordered on Monday last week has only just updated to invoived. Prior to that it had sat "awaiting dispatch" for a week. I don't think their website is updating properly.

  Zinedene-285364 16:57 01 Dec 2003


Have to admit, Ive only had good times dealing with ebuyer, and thats been over 2 years now. I tend to order aprox once a month.
The only problem I did have was when they sent me an OEM HDD, when the advert said it was Retail. They apologised and sent me the correct thing...

Ive spent a couple of G's with them easily, and seriously, never had any problem with them. No DoA's or any other problems.

Last week I ordered about £300 of stuff and recieved it on Saturday morning...only slight problem was that they deleted one item because they said they were sold out. When I emailed them about it,teling them they did have stock, they apologised and gave me a free shipping token, as it could not be added to the order which had just been shipped. They did explain however that they were having some problems internally with their set-up, so I wont be suprised if its just a temporary thing...

I dont usually give props to companies, but ebuyer have been 1st class to me, since the day I joined!
(hmm, I kinda sound like an ebuyer employee here!! trust me, im not!)


  spuds 19:26 01 Dec 2003

I ordered some items about a 10 days ago, and they arrived on the date stated, as per normal delivery. Ordered further items yesterday, and everything seemed normal.Confirmation stated that I would receive goods on Thursday.

There are two things that baffle me slightly by eBuyer. I sent an e'note requesting information about a product, and I was told that they cannot give any extra product information, only what is on their website.The second observation that I have made, is the calculation of item weight on delivery charges.My last order was for one software cd and a couple of USB mini hubs. The weight was calculated a over 20kgs with a surcharge included. 20 kgs seems a bit excessive.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:02 01 Dec 2003

They have become busier than expected, they are trying to recruit staff, they have emailed to warn in advance.....can't see the problem and shows good business practice in the real world.


  Allan-263226 21:56 01 Dec 2003

I have had no problem, ordered a new case on thursday and it arrived today!

From Above -

Recieved an email asaying that it had been dispatched on time and sure enough, it all arrived yesterday before lunchtime.

No delay at all!

  spuds 22:34 04 Dec 2003

Received my little bundle as promised.Seems as though things are still running smoothly with deliveries at present,but getting nearer to Xmas, may change things a little.

  Someone_Else 12:36 05 Dec 2003

1 Motherboard received the wrong one,
Replacement sent to wrong address.

1 ATX Case, psu dead.

1 Motherboard, memory slot problem.

5 Pieces SD Ram DOA.

1 Motherboard No Drivers

3 Pieces DDR Ram DOA

5 Motherboards With missing pieces

6 Modems with wrong cables

1 Modem Missing
Replacement sent for modem was a Network Card

1 CD Rom Drive Missing, still waiting.

Enotes taking approx 7 days to get a response

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