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  nighthawk82uk 15:25 23 Apr 2013

On 28/03/13, I went to a Currys outlet in Sheffield at Heeley and I spent some time in the store talking with the sales assistant to find the best laptop for my wife who is disabled and is her main form of entertainment and communication. That day I purchased a laptop - a SAMSUNG NP3530EC, on a price plan over 10 months (£51). This laptop was the best gift I bought my wife, she was very grateful and appreciate. She treasured this item, looked after it well and when not in use, it was stored safely away in a cupboard. On 03/04/13, the laptop appeared different when we switched it on. A portion of the screen was not showing properly and appeared to have a ‘leaf’ on the left hand side. Thinking this was a system error, I contacted Microsoft that same day through a live chat. During the chat, I sent a photograph from my Ipad to the technician who then phoned me to say that this was a physical fault. The following day, after work, I went back to the Currys store to show them my problem. I spoke with a Mike who stated that it appears as if the computer was damaged. I explained to the person that the laptop has not been damaged and was properly looked after by my wife, stored safely away in a cupboard. This person was very unhelpful, stating that I would have to pay a repair fee of £50. I stated that I should not have to foot the bill as I know how it has been looked after. He also stated that I should have got the insurance cover. As they would not repair it, I then asked for a replacement or a refund, to which he and his Manager (who I asked for) declined stating that I had damaged the product and this, would not be possible. I also stated that I would contact Trading Standards with regards to the situation and Mike stated that they would agree with him and his assessment. I then left the store with the laptop and went home. I then phoned Currys Customer Service department. I retold my story to them and that I wanted to put in a complaint, i was told I would hear from someone within 7 days. On the 10/04/13 (6 days later), I had no response from Currys so I called them to find out what had happened. Upon speaking to that person, I found out that my complaint had not been looked at. I voiced my frustration and asked for something to be done as this was poor service. The advisor spoke to the store and it was arranged that I take my laptop to the store and that they would take pictures of the machine (also keeping it in store with them) and send an e-mail to Samsung. I have a paper copy of this e-mail which I requested. The e-mail stated that there is no visible damage to any area of the computer and I will attach a scan of this for you to see. I was told that Samsung could take up to 48 hours to respond. On 12/04/13, I phoned Currys whilst on a break from work. I stated to them that 48 hours has almost passed and I would like to know what is going on. My wife then received a phone call (within 10 minutes of my initial call) from the store. He stated to my wife that Samsung have just got back to him and that they had seen the photos and they agree with him that there is damage to it (contradictory to the e-mail he had sent on 10/04/13) and they would not be prepared say that this was a fault. My wife found him to be arrogant in his manner and not very understanding. My wife then phoned Customer Services and spoke with and voiced her frustration at the whole situation. He stated to my wife that the store should have at least, offered to have it sent to Samsung to be looked at and waver the repair fee if they found it to be a fault. He then stated he would be the direct contact and would be the liaison between us and the store. Customer services contacted my wife again and informed her that the store had told him that Samsung have seen the machine. My wife stated to that all they have seen are photos. Upon my return home, my wife then received a call from the store (who was not supposed to contact us). He stated to my wife that Samsung are quite happy with the situation and they do not want to see the laptop personally and that is it. My wife found his tone to be sarcastic and seemed overly happy to be giving us the information. At this point, I was infuriated. I then phoned customer services, who had just received the same news from the store, I told him that he had just phoned and how he spoke to my wife and how she was affected by the situation (including their manner). They responded that he should not have phoned the hou

  tullie 17:27 23 Apr 2013

Did you want advice,or are you just making a statement?

  nighthawk82uk 17:41 23 Apr 2013

i just wanted to tell my tale, i've tried going down every avenue with no luck

  spuds 18:42 23 Apr 2013

It would appear that the laptop was less than a week old, when you noticed the problem, so it would be Currys responsibility to prove how the fault occured and not Samsungs. Did Currys give you a clear indication as to their findings?.

You have a number of avenues to pursue your claim. One I would suggest is to perhaps send an email to someone at an higher level within DSG/PCW/Currys, if you consider the store is not acting in a fair and helpful manner. The contact can be obtained via

  Forum Editor 22:26 23 Apr 2013

The first thing to say is that you are not interested in what Samsung have to say. You didn't buy the laptop from them, you bought it from Currys, and it is Currys who are liable for rectifying the problem.

The way it works is that Currys buy from Samsung - their contract is with Samsung. You bought from Currys, your contract was with them. They are under a legal obligation to repair or replace a machine that develops a fault within six months of the date of purchase. The law assumes that the fault was present at the time of purchase (called an inherent fault) unless they (Currys) can prove otherwise.

Get tough with Currys. Tell them that you have consulted PC Advisor magazine's Consumer advice forum, and that we nhave told you you do not have to have any dealings with Samsung. Tell them that they are liable for the fault that has developed within six months, and tell them that you have been advised you are entitled to a replacement machine. Do not accept their opinion (for that's all it is) that you damaged the computer. Ask them to explain to you what grounds they have for saying it.

Tell them that you will pursue this matter, and that we will be helping and advising you of your rights under consumer law.

Post back here when you have spoken to Currys. Speak to the shop manager again in the first instance - make a note of the time and date, and get his/her name.

  Forum Editor 20:44 24 Apr 2013


What suppliers don't want is the adverse publicity that results from complaints being published on web forums with lots of traffic.

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