problems with a advent laptop brought from currys

  nick2011 21:33 25 Aug 2011

Hello. I have come onto this site to gather some advise of people who may know a lot better than myself. It's my first time on this site, so bare with me.

Back in 2007, my partner's dad brought a Advent laptop from Curry’s for her. He brought it through higher purchase. He also opted to included the extended warranty on the laptop for peace of mind. Now, The laptop has had may repairs since purchase, more so in this year. More to the point, the laptop developed a issue with the screen flickering back in June of this year. I noticed that it would only do this when the screen was moved back and forth. But I had also noted that when the laptop was stabilised when the screen was being moved, that is when it was flickering. I had also noted that by stabilising the laptop and holding it in possition it would only happen when this was done. But only only the left hand side, by the touch pad.

When i phoned the call centre, a technician explained that it might be a screen fault or there might be a problem with the motherboard. After going through tests to indicate what kind of a problem it was, it was booked in for a repair by the technician.

It was away for 9 days in june and came back faulty with other slight issues affecting the laptop. this was noticed about a week after receiving the laptop. when the laptop arrived back we received not power cord. Phoned the call centre again to report no power cord arriving with the laptop. new cord ordered, received half of a power cord a couple a days later. phoned again to report this issues i had. in the mean time my partner was borrowing my adapter. this in turn had a knock on affect with me not being able to use my laptop. new cord ordered, did not receive this.

phoned again to report laptop faulty with same issue with screen. Issue with bios not showing as Advent but Packard Bell. Issue with Power cord not received.

Sent back in to be repaired but had to wait for second half of a power cord. Received back in late July with same issues noted.

sent back in a day later and returned mid august after returning form holiday. same issues noted with laptop but with a sound noted when moving the screen. the sound was like a USB device was being connected and disconnected.

asked for the laptop to be written of as they had not solved the problem. was offered a £30 good will gesture form the guy that i spoke to. was asked for my email address and was told that customer services would then contact me regarding this as he had to pass it on to be confirmed. It was recommended to write a letter of complaint for compensation.

The laptop was then picked up the next day and remains in there possession at present.

To clarify, the dates are :

Picked up on 17th June 2011 and returned 26th June 2011 picked up on the 18th July 2011 and returned 28th July 2011 picked up on the 29th July 2011 and returned 16th. well return date for this one was the 17th August as they failed to deliver.

Wrote a letter of complaint on the 18th August and sent first class to Sheffield on the 19th August.

On the 17th August, i was told that the laptop would be delivered to a main 'hub' which is located quite close to me. Then from there would be delivered to the work shop which is located not far from London. I was told that the laptop would arrive in the workshop by Friday 19th August. I was told that The know-how team(as they are now called)is at fault for not fixing the laptop properly and has breached the policy.

He explained that when its in the workshop, more experienced technicians would assess the laptop to see if it its beyond economical repair. He said that when they have done that, the write of team would then contact me with a voucher code that can be used in either Curry’s, PC World or Dixons. I have continuously phoned to check on the status of the laptop ad where it is at.

As of yesterday, i was told that it was in the workshop. Was told this today as well.

Now I have read story's on here and else where, where people have had a lot a problems with these people. not fulfilling to their end of the bargain, rejecting electrical as miss use or neglect when really they are just plain faulty.

Now they had had the laptop since the 17th, which is over a week now. every time i phone it sounds as though I’m getting fobbed off slightly. I phoned today to check and enquire if they had recieved my letter. They had said that they hadn't as it wasn't on the system, although it was sent last week.

How long should i leave it in till i send another letter of complaint or should I send one straight away. Should i consult other agencies regarding this issue.

If any other information is required please dont hesitate to ask and many thanks for reading such a long post.Any help with this would be appriciated greatly.

Many thanks,


  spuds 00:51 26 Aug 2011

There are a number of issues here, one being that the item was purchased by your partners dad,so is the item or warranty in his name or your partners name. The other is that it would appear it is you and not the owner who is conducting the dealings with the repair centre.

It would also appear that the power lead might have been sent with the item, and this is now missing, so another one as been ordered. Normally it is not a wise move to send items like power leads, software etc, because the repair centre will use their own, and perhaps discard the customers, which may well then be lost or unaccountable.

I would suggest that you contact Consumer Direct for further advice.

  nick2011 03:03 26 Aug 2011

Many thanks for replying, i appricciate the help i recieve.

your right indeed, the laptop was brought in his name, as was the extra warranty. my partner doesn't like to deal with issues like these,this is why i deal with them. i have had issues in the past because of this and have suggested to my partner's dad that he transfer the policy in my name. this will undoubtedly make it easier when i phone.

as for the power cord, well yes you are correct, it was missing, and another was ordered but only half was returned when i phoned.

then again, another half arrieved and all was well with the power cord. But in all faireness i have i have always been told to send the power cord. so this procedure was not new.

do you suggest i write to them further or persist on the telephone.

Many thanks,


  carver 07:23 26 Aug 2011

Just what model is the laptop?

It's just that certain models have a known fault which can not be repaired so need to know the exact model number.

  nick2011 09:01 26 Aug 2011

The model is 7201 which i believe is re-brandded laptop. as far as i am aware, most Advent's are. Athough i believe that it has had Packard Bell mother board placed in it as that brand has also that model out at some point. this would explain the Packard Bell BIOS start up screen.

In it's life time it has had replaced: 1 screen, 2 hard drives, 2 mother boards, 1 psu unit, 1 usb board.

many thanks,


  spuds 10:22 26 Aug 2011

As I suggested earlier this morning, contact Consumer Direct for further advice, on how to proceed further, because it would now appear that your efforts are leading to ever increasing circles.

In my opinion it is always best to have written communications (email!) because this would be proof of how the issues are being dealt with, telephone communications can sometimes become hard to verify, especially it is not recorded.

Looking at all the parts that have been changed, then I would suggest that the item as now become 'not fit for the purpose', and the previous offer of a voucher code should be implemented by DSG, and without further delay.

Remember that the voucher price should cover the model in question, as 'equivalent to, or better than' and not something of lesser value or specifications.

  spuds 10:26 26 Aug 2011

I would also suggest, if the extended warranty was paid in full, then make a claim for the outstanding 'unexpired' period. The replacement item, that you choose, should come with a new guarantee.

  nick2011 15:57 26 Aug 2011

I shall contact Consumer Direct as I wish to gain advice in this matter. To be honest, if it wasn't for that damn flickering screen, My partner nor my self would be complaining. Even afer all the repairs it has had. But this is diiferent, I mean they had it three times over one issue and failed to fix it.

You say E-Mail is better than speaking over the phone? Do you suggest I contact DSG through E-Mail and if so could you provide a contact address? The extra warranty is payed monthly as this was a better option than paying in full. At least we have had some good new today. My partner's dad explained that they had sent out £20 pounds worth of vouchers that was promised over a week ago. A start I guess. But I still want to complain.

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