Problems with A3 Printer and compatables

  recap 19:47 09 Dec 2003

An organisation I do work for, bought an A3 colour printer from a company that supplied compatable cartirdges with the printer. Now the printer is not working correctly.

Have been in touch with the manufacturer who naturally don't want to know because of the compatable cartridge issue. They say get in touch with the supplier.

Have been in touch with the supplier on numerous occassions to no avail. They just do not turn up to either try to fix the printer or replace it.

Now have been in touch with Trading Standards in regards to the suppliers disregards for the consumers rights.

The printer is still under warranty.

Any further advice welcome.

  spuds 23:46 09 Dec 2003

You have been in touch with the trading standards, what did they advice. Considering the printer is still under warranty?

You may find that the compatible cartridge main supplier, if different to the printer supplier, may have a policy about warranty coverage. Companies like ChoiceStationary will cover this 'non-warranty' risk.May perhaps pay you to look into this route.

  recap 11:24 10 Dec 2003

I'mn still waiting a reply from Trading Standards.

Thanks for the advice, spuds, will look in to the warranty cover.

  recap 11:24 10 Dec 2003

I'mn still waiting a reply from Trading Standards.

Thanks for the advice, spuds, will look in to the warranty cover.

  recap 16:01 12 Dec 2003

The supplier has finally agreed to come out and look at the printer. But they say that they only guarantee items for 28 days after payment, then it is passed on to the manufacturer. As the printer is older than 28 days they are coming out as a favour.

The 28 days guarantee unfortunatley for the supplier was extended due to finacial complications on their part (7 months extended). Because of that small clause in their guarantee the organisation is using that as a lever to get them to fix or replace the printer.

  recap 13:57 08 Jan 2004

Well the supplier did turn up this week. They replaced the cartridge with an Epson one. Other than that they say they are not responsible for the printers operation anylonger. If the organisation did not want compatibles then they should have said when ordering.

The thing about the organisation is that they are all beginners and did not know the difference. The supplier said that they should have sought professional advice. Well my reply to that is they did and it was the supplier who gave the advice.

Needless to say the organisation will not be using them in the future.

Still awaiting a reply from Trading Standards.

  [DELETED] 17:11 08 Jan 2004

You're not telling us what the printer is? and where you got it from. I don't know of any supplier who supplies a printer from new with compatible ink. A new printer should arrive with original ink cartridges. And if you are buying compatibile ink from Choice Stationery they give a guarantee that if their ink causes any problems with your printer they will repair/replace it free of charge.

  recap 09:31 09 Jan 2004

Sorry ennuye, the printer is an Epson the supplier I will not name as PCA is not a name and shame forum.

The printer did come with Epson cartridges as standard but, as we all know they don't last long. The group ordered 10 replacement ones for future use (they run a local new letter). The replacement cartridges were all compatibles.

  Forum Editor 09:43 09 Jan 2004

and of course the Epson warranty is void if compatible cartridges are used. My own view is that a responsible supplier could have issued a warning about this when the printer was first supplied with the cartridges, but there's no onus on them to do so.

The printer's literature will contain a warning about it though, and that's what the supplier would no doubt quote in any dispute.

The supplier's comment about only providing a 'guarantee' for 28 days after payment is meaningless by the way - under current consumer legislation they must repair/replace the machine if it develops a fault within six months of purchase. The law assumes that such a fault existed at the time of purchase, unless the supplier can prove otherwise. You don't have to deal with the manufacturer, your contract is with the supplier - although with printers and other peripherals it's often the case that direct contact with the manufacturer (via the supplier) is the fastest way to a resolution.

In your case there's not much point in pursuing the supplier on the basis of a faulty printer because presumably the only thing wrong with it is that it doesn't like the compatible cartridges. Trading standards may take the view that the supplier has a 'duty of care'to warn you about potential problems with this type of cartridge, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

  recap 09:58 09 Jan 2004

Thanks FE. I really condensed the issue as you can see it has been going on for some time now. Voiding the warranty by using compatibles was pointed out to the supplier, but they just ignored this.

I did inform the supplier (on behalf of the group) their obligation under the consumer legistation law. They were still of the same opinion, that was when I contact Trading Standards.

I am now starting to think that your comment "but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you" is spot on as Trading Standards haven't replied. Maybe the xmas rush has slowed them down?

  [DELETED] 13:46 10 Jan 2004

I don't think this is a "tale of woe" as the FE suggests. I agree that the warranty may be void if compatible cartridges are used, but only if it was proved that the compatible cartridges caused the problem. I have 4 Epson printers all using compatible cartridges (from Choice Stationery) and have had no problems. I did buy a secondhand Epson printer which, when I got it home didn't work. I rang Epson who said they would send me a new printer and the courier would take the old one back. It arrived within two days and has worked perfectly ever since (with compatible cartridges) Choice Stationery at click here give a guarantee that if any of their ink cartridges cause a problem with your printer they will repair/replace the printer free of charge. I have never had to invoke this guarantee.

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