Problem with Scan Computers

  hogi63 00:15 14 Apr 2005

Read some of the other posts here in praise of Scan, and until my latest dealings with them, after 5 years of satisfied custom, I would have agreed.

I'm after advice really. I made a £645 order, and it arrived as quickly as ever but short 1Gb of RAM (£122 worth). I was quickly in touch with Scan, but after 2 weeks, and many telephone calls and emails they are still insisting it was packed. A free gift was also missing plus there was no papaerwork of any description.

Anyone out there had a similar experience and can advice me where to go next?? It's so frustrating and now losing me sleep hence writing this gone midnight. I cannot afford to just wave goodbye to £122, but am at a loss..... Their customer service has been shocking.

  georgemac © 07:33 14 Apr 2005

I am sure I have read a similar thread on here about scan where a forum user's order was short of a cpu. I have searched but cannot find it.

I am not an expert, I would advise you to contact your local citizin's advice bureau for how to proceed.

When you acceted delivery, how did you sign for the delivery, did you sign not inspected or not checked? You should always do this unless you open the order in front of the delivery driver.

  rickf 08:31 14 Apr 2005

Yes. the posting wqas some time ago, over a year at least and he did have to resort to the small claims caourt if I remember correctly.I think mhis handle is jim7 or something like that. Good luck with your claim. Personally, I would advise against making multiple orders because it creates more opprtunitiies for mistakes and disputes. Don't mean it in a " I told you so" way.

  jimv7 09:13 14 Apr 2005

rickf good memory,

With a bulk order from scan, the amd 2000 athlon cpu was missing, after emails, letters and posting to pca forum, one of the forum members smiffy99, very kindly offered his help in taking scan to the small claims court, we won the cost of the cpu and all expenses.

Even posting replies to this forum scan got it wrong, the cpu was in its own box, it was attached to the mobo, their system does not allow for mistakes to be made.

Keep a record of all emails/letters/phone calls, and if you dont get satisfaction go the small claims court route.

  smokingbeagle 09:25 14 Apr 2005

Scan's customer service is in my experience appalling. Try and resolve your difficulties with them. Keep a record of all correspondence and if all else fails.
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  hogi63 17:10 14 Apr 2005

Many thanks to those who took the time to respond, it's given me some hope! Wish me luck....

  hogi63 22:19 19 Apr 2005

Latest response from Scan on this ...

I have just had a very very lengthy and detailed meeting with Elan about this issue and I'm really pleased to confirm that he has come to a decision to meet halfway with the costs as a goodwill gesture, which is what we had discussed a few weeks ago and what I was hoping to achieve! I am really hoping that you will be able to accept our offer, so that we can draw a line under this issue once and for all.

Best regards,
Scan Computers

Don't know about anyone else, but I take this as an insult, and looks like I'm lumbered with taking them to the small claims court after all....

  Stuartli 09:54 20 Apr 2005

Quite agree and I speak as one, along with the offspring, who has spent thousands of pounds with Scan over the years with only the odd problem which has been quickly resolved.

  georgemac © 11:07 20 Apr 2005

file the claim with the small claims court ASAP, suggest you get details from jimv7 of his claim in case Scan argue their system cannot make a mistake

I also assume you had to buy RAM from somewhere else to complete your build - this would also help to show you never got the RAM.

  georgemac © 11:09 20 Apr 2005

inform Scan you are going to file a claim with the small claims court and point them to this thread - see if they then accept liability

must have cost them much more than the cost of the RAM in time/admin costs - and a lost customer

  Chris,M 13:12 20 Apr 2005

Had similar problems with Scan. Especially with the two females in "Customer Services" basiocally they got my order wrong and sent me the wrong components etc. They were rude, unhelpful,arrogant (they are always right attitude and the company just CANNOT be wrong etc). Anyway, I was so annoyed with thewm that I left a credit on my account with them and refused to deal with them ever again. I now use MicroDirect and they are very helpful and their sales guys are very knowledgeable, experienced etc. Tech Services are good also.

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