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  magnus35 13:28 06 Jul 2008

I placed my first order with and provided payment / delivery details as requested .
The items ordered were both listed as being in stock , however , the status never moved from ' order placed '. After 15 days of this , I cancelled and reordered but it still seems to be stuck and going nowhere .
I have been unable to find any way of contacting them and they have not been in touch .
Has anybody experienced a similar situation or have an email address at which this company can be contacted ?

  mikef. 14:26 06 Jul 2008

Customer Services: 0845 800 1020

  spuds 14:37 06 Jul 2008

Thats strange, there seems to be plenty on their question and answer pages, but no actual 'contact us' link or business contact information, which is required by law.

How did you cancel your previous order, was there no contact link, or on the original order confirmation print-out were there any details there!.

  Patr100 17:16 06 Jul 2008

I'v used them a couple of times with no problem but they are based in Jersey with a PO Box contact address.

"These Terms are subject to the laws and exclusive jurisdiction of the Island of Jersey, Channel Islands."

click here

  C3 18:14 06 Jul 2008

The contact number is right at the bottom of the main page in big orange writing!

I haven't used them in the last couple of years (because of living abroad), but I used to use them regularly when I was in the UK. I had no problems at all with them.

  day2strike 19:37 06 Jul 2008

Never had a problem, even when returning goods.
Ring them & explain, i'm sure it's a one off.

  magnus35 15:52 07 Jul 2008

I called the 0845 number .
Was told that the payment details were wrong or incomplete - a first for me .
I said that their help pages stated that an email would be sent if there was any problem with processing order , including obtaining payment .
Was informed that it was the wrong kind of error so no response had been generated .
Updated details and it now appears to be going ahead .
I found it strange that such a well known organisation should not provide an email address and that any enquiries cost the price of a call , but have probably been spoilt by the excellent service provided by Amazon .
Thanks to all who responded .

  grrrlfriday 22:43 12 Jul 2008

Just wanted to give you a heads up with, they have a rather illegal way of dealing with customers who have a faulty product quoting their 28-day returns policy. Had an issue with a mobile phone recently that broke after having it for 6-weeks and as we contacted them outside their standard returns timeline they wouldn't entertain a swap - quoting the Sales of goods act didn't apply as they were in Jersey....I haven;t had any other issue with them and have been buying from them for a long time but this experience has left a nasty taste in my mouth. Will stick to buying CDs from them in the future

  ronalddonald 07:36 13 Jul 2008

gave jup on them 2 years ago. I trid placing any order but for some reason they would accept my card details try to use them twice same thing happened. Very odd indeed so i left them and never ever used them again even though ive seen their delivery vans drive up and down

  GRIDD 09:43 13 Jul 2008

Only issue is time delay in posting and poor email notifications.

Last three orders of small items went through all the stages within 2 days, that's payment, processing packing and dispatch. Then 2 days later it changed back to packing, after I'd recieved a dispatch email! and stayed like that for another few days.

Result was 1 1/2 weeks of waiting. Some of the high Street stores will price match Play so they have pretty much lost my custom.

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