Problem over packaged items and Mp3 player

  sean-278262 21:21 14 Dec 2004

I bought from click here and on their site it claims the PMP 140 comes with a microphone and so I thought this feature would be significant to my purchase as there are numerours occasions when I need to record things to save me having to sort things out later. The trouble is I dont know what to do as the box makes no mention of a microphone attachment, but the site does and as it was one of the final factors that made me get the player I feel annoyed that there is none there, my sister has offered her old one from another player that works on the device, but truth be said its the fact that it is advertised and not actually included which was one of the last 5 reasons decerning this from a h340 as my choice.

I would like, as I have bought this directional mic for €15 off my sister to get a remote for the player, but should I mention it as "there is no mic like your site said but can I have a remote instead?" or what should I do? All suggestions welcome.

  Tim1964 00:33 15 Dec 2004

Keep a hard copy of the website that mentions the microphone, just in case it's 'altered' in the mean time.

The item was not 'as described' and so contavenes the sale of goods act. You could always contact them and say that you will be rejecting the item unless a microphone is sent to you. It's their choice - a mic or a lost sale (and bad press in this forum).

Good luck.

  sean-278262 00:53 15 Dec 2004

Ah here is my dilema I dont need a mic now so should I just ask for a remote instead of and how would you suggest I phrase it.

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