Problem with an Online newspaper.

  Bald Eagle 12:19 17 Jul 2014

I read the Daily Mail online because I'm out in France and cannot buy it here. However, a lot of the time when I try to "tick" that I agree with a readers comment it just flips to the top of the page and my "tick" is ignored. Also sometimes when I write a comment it will not upload and once again it flips to the top of the page. I cannot contact the paper because every time I try the above event happens. Running Vista Basic. Anyone any ideas as to why it does this?

  spuds 15:50 17 Jul 2014

Anything to do with cookies and you may have not ticked or unticked a box to accept?.

Also do you need to register to the website to post comments etc?.

  morddwyd 20:12 17 Jul 2014

Are you reading an on-line edition, or a digital copy, an actual facsimile, of the hard copy from somebody like Pagesuite or Zinio?

  Woolwell 22:14 17 Jul 2014

Sounds like this site. Javascript is enabled? Which browser?

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