Problem with new Mesh PC

  neverumind 12:13 26 Feb 2004

Despite having read a number of accounts on this forum of people experiencing problems with Mesh Support, I thought I'd give them a try when I bought my new PC a few weeks ago. They had a good spec PC for a good price and being more than just IT literate, unless there was a hardware fault I wouldn't be contacting Mesh's own support staff.

The PC arrived when they said it would and was pretty easy to set up out of the box. I was disappointed that the 120Gb disk was a single partition but I can deal with that later. I installed an Antivirus program and one old game (Red Alert 2) and used the PC like this for a few days. On about day 3, the PC failed to boot. It had a registry error and wouldn't boot whatever I tried. I used the Mesh F10 Recovery program and finally ended up reimaging it as the program reported that the XP installation was too corrupted to repair. No problems, I hadn't lost any data as I'd only used it for playing a game.

Reinstalled AV and the game. Used it like this for a few more days. However, at the weekend, it failed to boot again but this time with a different error. It was blue screening during the boot process but because Windows was set to automatically reboot it was continually looping and the error message was on screen for less than a half a second each time so I couldn't actually discover what was causing it. Used the F10 Recovery program and reimaged because the program again said the installation was too corrupt to repair.

Logged a Helpdesk call on Mesh's web-site on Monday detailing the above and asking for their opinion as to what may be causing the problem - perhaps a duff image or maybe a hardware fault?

They replied to my post yesterday but it completely misses the point. It just tells me how to use their F10 Recovery program to reimage my PC.

I replied to them this morning but so far haven't had another response.

I must admit to being slightly disappointed with the quality of Mesh's helpdesk staff. The instructions for using the Recovery program are detailed in the manual which came with the PC. My post to them actually told them I'd used it twice already but that I was concerned that I'd had to use it twice within a week of receiving the PC.

I've checked this forum again today and can see that Mesh can respond very quickly to resolve problems. It's a shame that it took them 2 days to respond to my problem and then, when they did, they weren't any help.

  MESH Support 12:58 26 Feb 2004

I'm sorry to hear that your experience has been far from what you, or anyone, might have expected.

If you could possibly send me your serial/order and username (neverumind) I can look into the details of the problem you have reported.

If it would make it any easier for you and is not inconvinient, if you provide a telephone number and an ideal time to call, I can have an engineer call you to get things moving faster.


Mesh Support

  neverumind 13:34 26 Feb 2004


where should I send the details. I don't particularly want to post it all here.


  Stormpool 13:45 26 Feb 2004

You could probably use their email icon next to their name in their post.

Left of "MESH Support"

  neverumind 13:50 26 Feb 2004

I guess it's obvious when you know but although I class myself as more than just IT literate, I've not much experience of using internet forums.


  MESH Support 14:10 26 Feb 2004

Cursed with a forgetful mind.

I apologise, please email me at [email protected] although the email icon will achieve the same thing.

It was that I neglected to add the address, not that I assumed you would already know, sorry.


Mesh Support

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