Problem with Dabs help please

  bof:) 21:15 29 Oct 2003

Hi all,

I returned a 'barebones' Pc package to dabs over a month ago and have an email from them confirming a refund would be paid as soon as they had tested the product to confirm it was faulty.

Yesterday I sent another email asking what was going on because I'd checked with my credit card account and the refund has yet to be made.

Tonight I've had an email of Dabs confirming my purchase of another Barebones pc case.

I've only ever asked for a refund because the original was faulty and returned to dabs well within the Dabs stated returns time.

So, tonight I've sent another email requesting that:

1. they cancel the invoice for the product they are sending out now.

2. that they refund my money as agreed (I've sent a copy of their email saying will get refund)

so, what I would like to know is where do I go from here if they Dabs try to deliver the goods?


  bof:) 23:00 29 Oct 2003

HI All,

Just checked my account on the dabs website and it says that my order has been picked/wrapped and dispatched.....what do i do now????


  Blitzer 23:24 29 Oct 2003

Apart from not use Dabs in future - useless when it comes to bothering to read e-mails properly... I'd suggest you make sure you don't sign for the package and simply say it's unwanted when it arrives?

This is a recurring problem with Dabs, Great delivery and OK prices but foget Customer service.

I have just sent five emails to all and sundry at Dabs over the last week concerning a Ethernet Modem that had previousely been sold to someone else (it had all their log in details in it) and the only way I got any sort of satisfaction was to contact D-Link (who have been excellent - Thanks to Andrew Comerford).

The problems is the modem DOES have a fault and this was probably why it was returned in the first place - not even a single acknowledgement of their "error".

As to your situation, yes, refuse to accept the parcel and request a return on the website. Wait the usual three months and you may get somewhere - sorry, but that is how it is in my experience!

As for your

  Stuartli 08:16 30 Oct 2003

If you paid by credit card get in touch with Visa, MasterCard or whichever one you use and inform them of the situation.

They will sort it out for you and, if necessary, return your payment and also credit youu with the cost of returning items.

I've found Visa, on two occasions, to be quite superb in dealing with such problems and the company even credited me with the cost of telephone calls both to itself and the two retailers involved.

  rickf 08:43 30 Oct 2003

I used to buy from DABS and never had any probs with their delivery. After reading recent horror stories, especially since they have taken out telephone contact I now cannot buying from them.I think they have shot themselves in the foot judging by the various complaints on this forum. I wish they would have a presence here to answer all the anxieties expressed. This could only do them good and may retain some of their customers from going elswhere.

If you have not already seen it - click here

  Al94 10:36 30 Oct 2003

And here click here

  TBH1 12:33 30 Oct 2003

like rickf, I have bought from DABS and, fortunately, never had any problems. I too, would have to think twice - - and again, agree 100% with rickf regarding a DABS presence here, would do them more than a bit of good methinks.
Just my 2 penneth

  spuds 19:19 30 Oct 2003

For a prompt response to your problem, I would suggest that you email Jonathan Wall [email protected] who is the Marketing Director for Dabs. I have recommended this route to two other people within the forum,who have had Dab's problems, and it would seem as though Jonathan Wall gives a speedy reply. Why not give it a try!

  bof:) 12:10 31 Oct 2003

Hi All,

Thanks everyone I contacted [email protected] as suggested and have received an email from him this morning and the matter has now been resolved.

Thanks everyone one for your help once again.

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