problem with creative speakers

  ianhwc 15:07 04 Feb 2008

About 3-4 years ago I bought a set of creative I-Trigue 3300 speakers with my new computer. I was pleased with the speakers but a few months ago I spilt a drink over the wired remote (volume) control, as a result the speakers are now useless. I e-mailed creative to try to purchase/ replace a w/remote box.the reply I recieved from creative was "For the issue of your I-Trigue 3300 speakers, we do apologize for the
inconvenience caused. The remote control of the speaker system is not
sold as a loose item on our Online Store. It only comes bundled with the
new set. We are sorry again for this issue." I have tried unsuccessfully to buy a remote from varoius electronics stores (nobody seams to make them)has anybody any sugestions as to were I can get hold of a wired remote. also I would like some opinion of creative's policy. To me it's like been told that I have to buy a new computer because my 'mouse' is damaged

  Totally-braindead 16:26 04 Feb 2008

I kind of see your point but don't agree its like a faulty mouse. The remote is an integral part of the speakers from what you say and its kind of like you breaking a part of it.

I suppose theres no way of repairing it?

Does it plug into the speakers or is it actually wired in permanantly, perhaps if its a plug in unit you might get a replacement of Ebay perhaps from someone who has blown their speakers.

Sorry but its the only idea I have.

  oresome 16:45 04 Feb 2008

The harsh economic reality is that there is little money to be made in setting up a replacement parts department holding thousands of parts that are rarely called for.

For those items where parts are available, the cost often makes a repair uneconomic.

  ianhwc 22:29 04 Feb 2008

thanks for the comments. the remote does plug into the regards the remote being 'an integral part of the speakers'are you trying to say that the 'mouse' is not integral to a desktop PC. the only difference i can see is that a PC costs a lot more, and you can use a PC (very limitedly) without a mouse. Regarding the comment from oresome I agree to some extent but to what extent does creative put profit ahead of good customer relations you can guess who I won't be buying my next set of speakers, MP3, soundcard,etc from. If you look at creative's website they sell many speaker systems with 'wired remotes'.I'm sure it would not be to difficult or dent creative's profit or warehouse space to provide replacement (universal)remote control units. I'm sure I am not the only person to have an 'accident' with a remote (if I knew that the the remote was virtually impossible to replace I would have been a lot more careful)

  euripedes 16:51 15 Mar 2008

I have a similar experience to ianhwc. My 2 year old Inspire T7900 speakers have suddenly stopped working due to a fault in the remote on/off/volume module. The response from Creative is the same as that given to ianhwc. This to my mind not only reflects badly on Creative's customer support but also on Mesh who bundle these speakers as part of their systems.

  a2d2h1e2 20:28 12 Apr 2008

Same experience as per euripedes and ianhwc. At the point now of deciding either to get an i200 remote or just bin the (reliable but not astounding) speakers and acquiring a new set from a different manufacturer for what would only amount to about £30 more than I would pay for the i200. It does smack of arrogance from Creative. Expendable speakers for the sake of reasonable customer service / civility? I understand oresome's point about the harsh reality of the business world and little money to be made but thousands of businesses have survived while also going the extra mile for the customer. Very frustrating.

  dilbar 17:51 16 Dec 2008

We had/have 2 sets of Creative speakers not working. It helps with testing components! One had been discarded by my son because the volume controller wasn't working - so we dismantled it and cleaned contacts with meths. Works perfectly.
The other was discarded by other son - we thought it was the same problem but in fact it now seems that there is a burnt out diode in the base unit.
Now all we need is to find an electronics expert!

  canarieslover 18:57 16 Dec 2008

Take a leaf out of dilbar's book. It's obviously possible to strip the remote down far enough to see the inner parts. Give them a good dose of switch cleaner and see if it works when you re-assemble it. You can't lose anything by doing it and you may even get back the use of your speakers.

  steve-scott 21:59 16 May 2011

This problem can be fixed by 1. disconnect the power supply, 2. removing the remote control plug from the back of the sub woofer & cleaning both of the sets of contacs with electronic contact cleaner - push the plug in and out of the socket a few times to clean the connection. Re-assemble & hey presto - it works again. It is also worth dismantling the remote control and spraying the inside of that too.

  Woolwell 10:02 17 May 2011


Why post on a 3 year old thread. The OP has either fixed the problem or replaced the speakers.

  Telavera 14:30 25 Sep 2011

I expect Steve Scott was trying to be helpful - Yes it was an old post - people still read old posts - particularly as they may have the same problem. Guess what / I have exactly the same problem and will give the VCU a going over - It is frustrating when the Creative just do not want to know anymore- I won't be buying their products again. Thanks Steve.

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