Printing Photos

  rawprawn 16:35 05 Apr 2005

I have a Kodak Easy Share DX6440 camera, I would like to buy one of these simple printers where you just connect the camera or card and print.
Can anyone recomend one or explain any pitfalls to me, I have never printed photos before.
I already have a Cannon i850 inkjet printer, is there any point to buying a specialised printer, are the results better?

  TomJerry 16:38 05 Apr 2005

or other printing services on net, cost about 10p a photo if you have 50 a go

  cycoze 17:04 05 Apr 2005

Good starting point would be PCA`s reviews on printers, also a visit to somewhere like PC World to see what different printers can produce (havent been for a couple of years but assume they still do this).

Built in card readers in my opinion are a convenience rather than a necessity, easy if you want to print a couple of Photo`s off without turning the computer on .

  oresome 17:09 05 Apr 2005

I would agree with TomJerry. Unless you want to manipulate the photo or enlarge beyond 7x5, it's more cost effective to use a commercial service.

Having said that, I seldom print a picture as produced by the camera. I usually want to adjust the brightness / contrast, colour balance and sharpness as a minimum and play about with various crops to see the effect. But I guess you don't want to do that.

  rawprawn 17:23 05 Apr 2005

Thanks for the replies guys, I get the feeling so far that for me the way forward would be to use a commercial service,and save my money.

  pauldonovan 18:06 05 Apr 2005

..several issues ago:

click here

I use - send via ftp on Sunday, get back in post on Tuesday morning. Result.

Only other thing is convenience. If you have relatives round and want to give them a photo to take away. Or want to do bigger than standard 7x5 or 6x4. Get a decent photo printer for that, again PC Pro good source of info or here also for top printers.

A colleague at work has one of those epson printers that is just for 6x4s but prints aren't cheap. Very convenient though and doesn't need a PC attached.

  spuds 19:10 05 Apr 2005

Why not use a card reader. I have the Kodak DX3700 camera with dock, but changed to a card reader, which made life more easier.

But if you want a new photo printer, then Lexmark have just brought out the P915[ about £100.00]and the P6250 [about £150.00] Both obtainable from the Dixon Group and other outlets. Further info click here These printers have a new type of print technology 'PictBridge Evercolor' which should have no fade for 65+ years under glass or 200 years in a photo album. [Don't ask me how the manufacturer obtain these figures!].

  pauldonovan 19:12 05 Apr 2005

..i think he means don't use a printer with a built-in card reader as no point...not "don't use a card reader instead of connecting your camera to pc/dock"....

  rawprawn 20:35 05 Apr 2005

On balance, after reading the replies, I have decided against buying a photo printer. I will use commercial printers or my own printer if needs be. Thank you all.

  wallbash 20:47 05 Apr 2005

I also have the wonderful i865, used with the photo paper tray and the correct paper , you already have the BEST solution to printing photo's .

  Sans le Sou 23:18 05 Apr 2005

Next edition of PC pro (128) will be testing 6X4 printers. I have a canon selphy C400, I hope this fares well if they include it in their tests. Prints excellent 6x4 pics using thermal ink instead of inkjets, not as cheap as sending away but they are instant as you do not need a computer you just shoot and print.

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