Printers: i350, i470D or Epson 830U, any ideas?

  StephenRogers 20:45 26 Jan 2004

I'm looking to buy a printer - in the £50 to £120 bracket, which I'm going to use for:

-black and white text (ideally cheap printing - quality not important)

-colour brochures for my business (runs of about 50 or so every 6 months or so) - fairly simple images - cartoon rather than photographic

-family photos - looking for reasonably good quality

I'd like to get one which i'm likely to be able to still get cartridges for in, say, 5 years time, and which is reasonably cheap to run. I'm not bothered at all about speed

Any good/bad experiences/ideas/good consumer review sites would be most gratefully and avidly read here


  Joe McG 20:59 26 Jan 2004

I use the Epson 830, which I purchased a year or so ago.

Like yourself my printing is mostly used for business and posters for organizations, with the occasional family photo.

Text is very clear and sharp, clip-art is also bright with realistic colours, but the best by far is high resolution photo printing. Using a cheap 140gm glossy paper the photo quality is superb. I would recommend this printer to anyone.

It is a great workhorse.

P.S. another good thing going for it click here Thee are the only cartridges that i have used on my 830, since the originals were finished. They are every bit as good as, and have at least the same amount of ink.

  DieSse 00:59 27 Jan 2004

Look at the excellent HP5150.

Use it on "Fast Draft" mode to minimise ink usage on black printing (and it's fast too).

Everyone I've supplied one of these to has been extremely pleased with the results for B&W text and colour photos.

It doesn't waste ink with continual cleaning cycles - and because you get a new print head in every cartridge, the print results stay consistent over time, and you don't have to buy new heads (a la Canon) - nor risk a write off with blocked nozzles (a la Epson).

  georgemac 08:33 27 Jan 2004

I agree about the comments about hp getting a new printhead each time - but you pay for it.

I have had an i350 for 2 months, it was £60 from ebuyer but they are now down to £49. The quality and speed is very good, of course you will get better photo quality from a more expensive printer. Cartridges are cheap, I am still on the canon originals, £5 b £10 c but will be trying ink-rite compatibles from ebuyer £2.30 b £2.80 colour appx.

  Aspman 11:26 27 Jan 2004

I'm currently singing the praises of Canon. I have an MP360 multifuntion and my Dad bought an i450.

I've very happy with the quality of the print and the price of the ink is way lower than HP or Epson. I have just bought 3xblack from Cartex(after a little wait) for £5 including postage.

At that sort of price I think the possibility of having to buy a new print head after a couple of years is ok. I hope it will last the life of the machine but only time will tell.

I made my choice on ink prices and there Canon cannot be beaten.

  TBH1 12:08 27 Jan 2004

most modern printers nowadays will perform all the tasks you ask of it, even the cheaper ones - check the link to choicestationery given above a buy the printer that uses a fairly cheap cartridge. I do believe though, that it is very difficult getting cheap ones for Lexmark printers.

  georgemac 12:25 27 Jan 2004

click here i350 £48.77 inc VAT

click here inkrite colour

click here inkrite black

click here i450 £51.12 inc VAT

you also need a usb cable, costs about 60p from ebuyer. £8 in argos!

  Sheila-214876 17:21 27 Jan 2004

Like Joe McG. I reckon the Epson 830 is a good buy. Becoming more and more extinct now but still around at about £85 from click here or click here Running costs quite low if you get ink from Choice Stationery at click here The added advantage from this printer is that it will print "edge to edge"

  StephenRogers 21:22 27 Jan 2004

Thanks everyone for your help on this one - it is much appreciated. I'm hovering around getting the canon i560 or the i865 at the moment.

I'm not quite sure why I'm not going for the Epson 830, I think it's probably cos I like the elegant simplicity of the canon ink cartridge, and I've been influenced by:
click here

So, I'm now wondering about the relative photo, graphic and text print quality of the i865 is actually any better than the i560. I don't want to print onto CD's so that's not an issue.

I am waiting for canon to send me printed copies of my photos, but I've not been able to find any direct comparisons on the web. Any more experiences or site suggestions would be much appreciated.


  StephenRogers 21:31 27 Jan 2004


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