Printers at Comet!!!

  forexes 15:27 09 Jun 2004

Need another printer, nothing special so went to Comet as it is nearby. Almost done the deal, was at the cash desk when I was asked if I want to purchase new ink replacements. On asking why, I was told that all the printers Comet are selling are only supplied with half pots. Is this a poor sales gimmick or is it true? If it is true, should the general public be told about it? I put my printer back on the shelf until I find out the real story.

  byfordr 15:33 09 Jun 2004

Quite possibly true. Most printers are sold with small capacity tanks (certainly on the cheap end of the market where manufacturers make a loss)


  [email protected] 15:46 09 Jun 2004

Wouldn't be just the ones at Comet though - if you only got half a pot with a particular printer there it would probably be the same everywhere.

Having said that I bought a HP 5550 over 1 year ago and still on the original carts - I use it a fair bit too although usually black only at draft output....does me :-)

  €dstowe 16:26 09 Jun 2004

Epson claim that the ink cartridges supplied with their printers as full size.

The fact that they last a shorter time is due to ink being consumed in charging up the printheads which, as you may know, are part of the printer and not the ink cartridge as they are in most HP and Lexmark machines.


  georgemac 17:15 09 Jun 2004

I bought a canon i350 from ebuyer - it cane with full canon cartridges and I now use the ink-rite compatibles which are as cheap as chips

click here printer £48.17

click here black cart - buy 5 - £1.30 each

click here colour - buy 5 £2 each

the printer has been great too - used to have an epson but now on my second canon, the cartridges for the old one got too expensive so it was cheaper buying the i350!

  Sparrowhawk 18:10 09 Jun 2004

Do not consider only the price of the printer, but also the refills...

Canon is for me the most economical solution for refills.

  spuds 19:19 09 Jun 2004

Some printers are sold with low capacity cartridges, and this information is sometimes available on the box.Usually a different product reference number. HP have 'a'for full or'e'for economy.

If you want to purchase a printer from a Comet store, and you want them to price match their internet or call centre price, you may have difficulties in doing this.

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