Printers - Canon, Epson, HP .....?

  stugra 21:05 29 May 2006

I am looking for a new printer for my friend. I straight away recommended Canon as I have been very happy with mine (Pixma ip3000) for some time now, but then stopped because I am aware that there are no compatible cartridges available for the new Canons. This is an issue as his children will use the ink up quickly. (Canon OEM cartridges for me are about £6, but I buy compatibles at £1.60).

So, as I am 'out of the market' at the moment, can you recommend what I should direct him to? Spec is simple - not too fancy, do not need card slots or CD printing - no more than about the £60 mark - general kids printing, adults letters and the odd photo printing (general family use basically).

I would appreciate your views - thanks.
(My cautious approach is because I was put off Epson a year or so ago due to their constant drying up and having to clean heads!)

  Totally-braindead 21:26 29 May 2006

The trouble is Epson are the cheapest for refills. I have 2 Epsons and am happy with both and if the kids will be using the printer quite a bit then there should be any problems with it drying up.

  ade.h 21:55 29 May 2006

"There are no compatible cartridges available for the new Canons."

I got an MP500 for my neighbour last week - set it up for him on Friday - and I noticed that the carts were exactly the same shape and fit as those for my i865 (and most Canons from that range or later).

I strongly suspect that they will fit; it looks as if the standard Canon fitting has not changed.

But regardless of whether it does or not, click here and you'll find carts for Pixma and MP series.

  ade.h 21:58 29 May 2006

Scratch that link; Choice has rearranged its site since my last visit (I buy in bulk, so haven't visited Choice for some months) and I can't find any compatibles at all. My old bookmark returns a 404.

I will try one of my carts in my neighbours MP500 and let you know if it fits. I reckon it will.

  Totally-braindead 22:01 29 May 2006

ip3000 carts click here

  Totally-braindead 22:03 29 May 2006

I never thought to look till ade.h mentioned it.

  ade.h 22:04 29 May 2006

One thing that I forgot to mention - which all Canon owners should note - is that at least some of the recently introduced Think Plus carts are slightly the wrong shape; they have square, instead of round, nozzles and the clip at the back does not fit properly. I spoke to Choice about this and it is aware of the issue, so should be sorted by now. Check before you buy. click here and compare the two pictures.

  stugra 10:23 30 May 2006

Sorry guys - thanks for all your comments, but this is not what I am after.

It is NOT possible to but compatible cartridges for the new Canons (iP4200, MP150 ... for example) which makes them expensive to run at the moment. As I explained above, I do not have any problem getting compatibles for my iP3000 - thanks anyway.

Does anyone have any recommendations on the Canon vs Epson front please - I need advice on what is best and what to avoid at the moment.


  Ikelos 11:58 30 May 2006

i have two HP's. a epson 680 which was fine till the clip that holds the cartrige in broke, now i have just got a cannon is ace,it is wireless remote control, and will print CD's, and the prints are top of the range...

  ade.h 16:47 30 May 2006

I have now had the chance to try one of my compatibles in that MP500 and I can confirm that it does indeed fit. I didn't try to print with it - it was just a dry run - but it should work fine. So it IS possible to get compatibles for these models, as long you don't expect the model numbers to match. After years of seeing printer manufacturers change their cart shape/size with every other model, it's refrshing to see some consistency.

  stugra 22:42 30 May 2006

Can you suggest therefore, what compatible to put into the Pixma 4200??

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