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  Nick052 12:41 08 May 2006


Please can someone recommend a printer to me?

I have an old Epson Stylus 740 colour printer which has been excellent ever since new, but is now on its way out. This is somewhat unfortunate since the cartridges (1x 24ml black and 1x36ml colour) are large and last for ages, and are also about £2 each!! The print quality is also excellent!

I have experienced using an Epson C68 I think it was, and was greatly unimpressed with the amount of ink it used in comparison. And the quality wasn't any better either.

I have also used a very cheap Hewlett Packard printer which I found very good indeed in terms of speed and quality. This would be ideal, however it takes 1x5ml Black cartridge and 1x5ml Colour cartridge, which would be no use to me whatsoever in terms of how long they last. And costing over £20 for both would mean high running costs.

What I am after is a printer that can print photo quality similar to my old Stylus 740 (so not a HUGE resolution needed as its only 1440 dpi), and takes ink cartridges of a similar size and uses them just as efficiently. One which has maybe four cartridges so you can replace one colour at a time when it runs out might be an advantage.

I am not after one with memory card slots or anything like that.

Can anyone recommend such a unit - no doubt there isn't one out there to satisfy all my requirements!


  rmcqua 15:22 08 May 2006

I've never heard of an HP with 5ml cartridges. Are you sure?
Regardless, you might have a look at the Epson D88. 4 cartridges of similar size, photo quality at least as good as you are looking for. The only thing I can't guarantee is that it will be as economical with ink as your old 740.

  spuds 15:23 08 May 2006

I use the C86, which is now a discontinued model. Works very well, but cartridge capacities not very good, but at less than a £1 each, can't really complain.

Most people seem to consider the Epson 'R' range as a very good workhorse and substitute click here

I also use Lexmark and HP, the Lexmark are very expensive to run, using original cartridges, compared to the HP.

  Totally-braindead 15:40 08 May 2006

I like Epson, and they are the cheapest for cartridges. HP and Canon are both good but more expensive for cartridges. Only advice I would give is avoid Lexmark, some nice printers but very expensive to run, Dells are even worse, rebadged Lexmark printers but the cartridges are altered so even standard Lexmarks won't fit.

Whatever you buy make sure you price the cartridges first, perhaps stating the obvious but its easy to forget and end up buying something that costs an arm and a leg to run.

  Nick052 16:09 08 May 2006

Thanks for the replies, i'll ave a look round.

The Epson "R" range seems to do a bit more than I need it to - makes me wonder if other simple things are sacrificed.

Cant help maybe avoiding Epson though after I got that new one (C68 I think) and ended up swapping back to my old one and getting a refund!

Yeh the HP I have definitely has 5ml cartridges (HP No. 21 and HP No 22) - its a Deskjet 3940 I think which is excellent for speed and quality, shame about the cartridge size!

I will definitely avoid Lexmark after seeing the prices of some of the cartridges!

Anyone recommend a similar HP printer in comparison to the Epson D88 or "R" range?

  Crash 15:33 09 May 2006

Try click here or click here but to me you can't go wrong with this click here even though you said you would like an HP printer

  rmcqua 15:27 12 May 2006

Sorry I doubted you about the HP cartridge capacity. They are indeed 5ml. That's amazingly small!

  dontmeshwithme 15:33 12 May 2006

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