printer to fit ink hp Black 337 Colour 343

  willyv 10:05 30 May 2010

my bro has a ton of HP Black 337 and Colour 343 ink cartidges. My printer has just died, so i thought it may be prudent to buy one that will fit the ink. Can anyone recommend the best printer to fit these. ta

  961 10:21 30 May 2010

My HP Photosmart 2575 all in one uses these

If you go onto an ink supplier site you'll get a full list

(Remember these packs have a shelf life, often a year or 18 months from production plus another 6 months after pack opened)

  willyv 10:46 30 May 2010

i was just wondering if anyone could particularly recommend a particular model for low usage (wireless would be good) otherwise i'll have to go thro spec an reviews for dozens. ta

  Strawballs 22:35 30 May 2010

My C3180 photosmart all in one uses those

  Strawballs 22:37 30 May 2010

HP are good for low usage as the print heads are in the cartridge so if the ink dries in the head it is just a case of changing the cart but with my other printer Epson DX4400 it would be a real pain to sort out, and the HP is a hell of a lot quieter

  spuds 12:50 31 May 2010

Perhaps a quick way to find printers suitable for the cartridges, would be to use something like Choice Stationary or another ink supplier website. Most contain full listings for printers and suitable cartridge types.(Whoops a bit late, just noticed 961 suggestion ;o) )

With regards to the HP C3180, this is now an older model. I have one which was very good until it started to go wrong. HP was not very successful in getting it going correctly again, so now doomed to the spare cupboard, along with many other older products, including boxes of spare cartridges :O(

  jack 17:19 31 May 2010


With this type of cart[Thermal Inkjet] a 'dried head can usuallt be revivided by sitting it head down on some dampened tissue with a water alcohol mix.

  961 18:56 31 May 2010

How often do I do that in the mornings after the bank holiday!

Works every time. Eventually

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