Printer, colour, monochrome, ink-jet or laser?

  Cymro. 14:12 06 Aug 2010

I am in the market for a new printer (up to £50)but don`t actually need full colour printing, well not very often anyway. I will need a scanner so an all in one colour ink-jet is probably my best bet. Unless you can point me to a all in one ink-jet that is monochrome.

There are laser printers that do monochrome only, but the once I have seen don`t seem to be all in one and are probably rather too good for the sort of occasional use I will be putting it to.

So assuming the above is right I will end up buying a all in one colour ink-jet. Now as you know some of these have a single ink cartridge (as my old one had). When it stops printing in black I have to buy or refill a complete cartridge. But some have several separate cartridges with one of these a black one. I could then just replace the black cartridge.

As I may also by buying myself a new laptop soon (I already know which one) and it will be Windows7 it may well be 64bit machine. So am I right to assume that most new ink-jets will be compatible with 64bit?
Going away for a while so can`t get back to you on this till early September. So thanks in advance.

  961 08:46 07 Aug 2010

If you need a scanner get a HP Photosmart all in one

You can set it to print in black only and then the colour cartridges that come with the machine will last forever and you only need to buy black ink

Ensure you buy a model that has one black and one tri colour cartridge rather than one that has several colour cartridges

  jaraba 12:00 07 Aug 2010

Try an Epson one. Have seen them around for less tha £50.
They usually hav 4 seperate cartridges, 1 black & 3 colour.
Replacements can be had fairly cheaply.

  lake43811 16:18 29 Oct 2010

Its all about the cost of the replacement inks its no good paying very little for the printer and being clobbered every time you need to buy ink. Epson and Brother work very well with compatible inks (brand new copies) of the two i would favour the brother as its a better quality printer that works incredibly well with compatible inks and over time will save you a fortune. click here

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