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  ashfanman 20:18 02 Mar 2005

I've just bought a new computer (a Mesh Matrix 3000 - and very happy with it I am too), but have found that the driver for my current printer (an Epson Stylus Color 600) won't work on XP. I've already contacted Epson, who've told me that they aren't doing drivers for XP for this printer. The generic driver included with XP does allow me to print, but only at 720dpi (half of the printers capability), so I've decided to get a new one.

The printers I'm looking at are the Epson C86 and R200, and the Canon iP3000.

I mainly want the printer for everyday use, but also require a decent photo quality - which one would you recommend?

I know that the Canon has the smallest nozzle sizes (2pl, as opposed to 3pl with the R200 and 4pl with the C86) - how much difference does this actually make?

Also, the Epsons both print at 2880x1440 (with up to 5760 optomised), but the Canon just lists its resolution as 4800x1200 - is this optomised, and if so, what is its unoptomised resolution?

Are there any other main pros/cons to them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  wallbash 21:12 02 Mar 2005

See a previos posting over the last couple of days , headed ... cheap printer!!! I posted my veiws/ choice . Go with the Canon.

  wallbash 21:19 02 Mar 2005

more info. correct title was Cheap Colour Printer ,
in the helproom, last posting 02.03.05 13.36pm

Hope this helps

  Happy Soul 23:14 02 Mar 2005

My son has the R200 and I the R300

Both about the same price, both have facility to print direct to CD's and the R300 has built in card reader.

Economical, excellent output and quite fast.

From a personal point of view, superior and cheaper to run than the Canon I had.

Whatever you choose I would recommend click here for Original or Compatible ink.

  maz2 00:15 03 Mar 2005

I'd definately go with the Canon I have an Epson r200 and am abandoning it to the dustbin, just ordered a canon myself as I have hears they are much better. I have had a lot of problems with the Epson, it doesn't work unless I swear at it

  ashfanman 00:22 03 Mar 2005

Really? That doesn't sound good. I was actually thinking about going for the R200 out of the three - I've certainly not heard anybody have such severe problems with it. Are you sure it wasn't just a one-off?

Which Canon have you gone for? Do you know if the iP3000's print resolution of 4800x1200 is optomised or not?

  enait 01:32 03 Mar 2005

I have the epson R200 which gives excellent photo quality and is very quiet. Best results are if you have good quality camera. Running costs for the Epson are low have found ink for £1.79 each. click here Takes six inks, however they do not all need replacing at once.

  maz2 15:06 03 Mar 2005

No idea but I've ordered one it can't be worse than this, I think enait has been very lucky with his R200 of course it depends what you use it for, I use it a lot to print discs and it is good when it works, but at the moment I'm having to uninstall and reinstall all the time, have tried every remedy known to man and nothing improves it. I think the disc printing part of the printer is temperamental. I have an Epson CX3200 which is a multifunction and havent had any trouble with that, although when I've looked on various forums a lot of people complain about the disc printer on the R200

  Happy Soul 16:11 03 Mar 2005

Just had a thought with the disc printing. I've found the printer has to be turned on and wait for all movement to stop before opening the flap to insert the disc holder. If the flaps opened first it won't work. This applies to both the R200 and R300.

  Border View 16:19 03 Mar 2005

Suggest you have a look here. click here Excellent value for money. Would go for the best Canon you can find. They are an excellent machine.

  ashfanman 16:41 03 Mar 2005

I have had a look at the MorganComputers site, but they don't sell either of the 3 printers that I am considering...

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