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Printer that can use compatible inks

  Hetti 17:09 25 Oct 2014

I'm buying a printer for grandson as a Christmas gift. This will be an all in one machine, used mainley for homework but it would need to run with compatible ink to keep costs to a minumun. Has anyone got a printer or can recommend a one, that they know will definately use compatibles?

  john bunyan 17:19 25 Oct 2014

I bought a Brother Printer/Scanner at my local Cartridge World for a grand daughter a year ago. They seem not to show them on the net but if you have a Cartridge world shop nearby it is worth popping in as they will supply compatible ink. It was about £65.

  john bunyan 17:21 25 Oct 2014

An example :

Cartridge World

  Hetti 17:59 25 Oct 2014

Thanks John I also have a Brother DCP 195 uses compatible no problem,(but have had it quiet a few years now so I dont suppose that particular model will be still beavailable. I dont have a a cartridge world near me,was hoping to get it at my local Currys/PC World. The Epson Expressions Home XP 322 is £59.99 at currys/pc world and I can get comp inks on for 18.95 for 3 full sets, this seems unbelievably low, if this the case I may settle on that one, but will still look around until I buy it middle of next week. Thanks again

  Hetti 18:09 25 Oct 2014

John Sorry, that should be one full set of coulours and four extra black for £18.95, silly me still a good price tho.

  alanrwood 19:25 25 Oct 2014

HP e6700 is an excellent machine with compatibles available at reasonable price.

  spuds 00:23 26 Oct 2014

I have a number of printer's (cheaper to throw away,than repair), mainly 4 in 1's that all run on compatible ink cartridges. The latest purchase was a Brother DCP-135C that's been a brilliant printer for all the main reasons.

If you want further savings in ink costs, then consider purchasing a printer that is capable of using CISS or refill system. Find a printer, then look on eBay for a CISS or refill system. Going back to the Brother DCP-135C, I get compatibles for about 50 pence each (LC-970/1000) that seem to last for ages.

  onthelimit1 08:39 27 Oct 2014

I have had some problems with Epson printers on compatibles. I usually buy ink from 999inks online, but there are loads of other options.

  alanrwood 09:14 27 Oct 2014

Kodak said some months ago they were getting out of the printer business.

  Hetti 14:01 27 Oct 2014

Thanks all Im looking at a Brother DCP-J411DW on offer at Tesco with a 50 pound reduction at the moment, comp ink reasonable too.

All comments appreicated.

  spuds 16:51 27 Oct 2014

Looking on eBay or Amazon, the DCP-J411DW doesn't seem to have a shortage of cheap compatible ink cartridges, with good reviews.Brother originals look rather expensive. I would also check if the ink cartridges are 'chipped', because by some comments, they might be. Cartridge reference (4 off) appears to be LC123 bk/c/m/y.

That particular Brother printer also seems to have some good reviews, and if its anything like the Brother DCP-135C I mentioned, then there should be no problems. A good solid workhorse.

When I purchased my Brother DCP-135C from Rymans, it came with a little surprise. Inside the box was an extended warranty form to cover 3 years instead of one year on registration, which was not mentioned previously at the point of sale.

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