lcquinn 16:10 02 May 2005

I'm looking for a colour printer to print a bunch of invitations. somone has recommended an epson stylus photo such as the 2200.
Any thoughts? I'd like to be able to print on pretty thick paper (not photo paper) quality is paramount and one this batch of invitations s done, i'd like to use it for some good quality graphic stuff.

Thanks in advance

  paddy75 17:12 02 May 2005

I can't find any mention of the Epson 2200 on Epson's site but the 2100 looks a good printer and will do what you ask and more,only problem is it costs almost £400. click here

  Total Care Support 17:21 02 May 2005

Hi lcquinn

not wanting to mix up the waters but if you are buying a printer for "a bunch of invitations" and as paddy75 says the next model down is £400 would you find use for this printer that is efficent once you have printed the Invits. Hi-qual printers can be expensive to run with the cost of the ink.

Think about what else you are going to print you may find that except for these invits a £70 printer does your life just as well in which case it might be a better idea to use some of the £330 that you have saved in paying for the invits to br proffesionally printed and then have some money left over for other uses.

You may however think that you will get the full benefits out of a hicost hi quality printer for your home in which case dont just look to Epson cause Brother and HP do some ourstanding printers too.


  Pooke100 17:27 02 May 2005

With what Daniel has said (I agree). How about the Epson R300 for £79.99 click here and using some of your cash to get the invites done professionally? Epson R300 is a great printer!

  pj123 17:31 02 May 2005

How thick is "pretty thick". My Epson R200 will print up to 180gsm no problem. Would probably take thicker up to about 210gsm but maybe only one sheet at a time. Check the R200 or R300 here:

click here

click here

R300 from about £75. R200 from about £65.

I think the Epson 2200 is an A3 printer same as the Epson 2100

  pj123 17:39 02 May 2005

The difference between the R200 and R300 is the R300 has a built-in multi card reader. So if your thinking photography in the future you can print direct from the camera card without the PC switched on. They both print direct to CD/DVDs which I tried with good results.

  spuds 18:28 02 May 2005

Go for the R300, a good printer that should serve your needs, unless you are going in for mass production.

Remember that you may need spare cartridges, as the one's supplied with the printer are for 'trial use'and usually low capacity.Compatibles will save you money.

  Joe R 18:36 02 May 2005

As spuds, and a few others have said, the R300, prints a very good quality photo, on almost all papers.

click here


click here

will give you the full set of six inks for £14.99

  lcquinn 08:59 03 May 2005

having read your advice and reading through some of the other posts on the R300, I think it will more than do the job.

£400! no chance!


  pj123 15:17 03 May 2005

Don't forget to tick as resolved?

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