ZZET 18:56 24 Dec 2003


  Jester2K 19:17 24 Dec 2003

Doesn't look like it... click here

  Jester2K 19:18 24 Dec 2003

Well not directly only via labels.

  ajm 20:26 24 Dec 2003

Epson Stylus Colour 900 and bought it for that purpose. I can say that the quality is superb on printing on printable CDS

  ZZET 20:36 24 Dec 2003

will have a look at your printer.

  hoverman 20:40 24 Dec 2003

I can't remember where I read about it, but I am sure it was mentioned that applying printed labels to CD's could be disastrous. It was stated that due to the speed of the drives and the heat generated, it has been known for labels to lift and foul the drive heads resulting in damage. I stand to be corrected on this - has anyone else heard of this?

  Jester2K 20:44 24 Dec 2003

Also look at click here

Been some favourable comments from forum member recently... Just wish my S630 was broken so i could buy one....

  sdf 22:00 24 Dec 2003

I have an i865 and would recomend it without a seconds hesitation. looks good, is fast, does everything VERY well - if it is in anyones budget - I suggest purchasing it! and you never know - post xmas sales... might get yourself a blinding deal!

  Bapou 23:37 24 Dec 2003

Yes, it has been known and certainly mentioned on these forums.

Differing opinions abound, for and against.When the label is poorly fitted, i.e. a slight crease not 'ironed' out, that is looking for trouble.

A friend found this out to his cost in the car. Plus the fact CDR's left in a car's player can overheat resulting in a new player being required.

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