Prices Being reduced At Checkout

  jaraba 11:38 08 Jun 2009

twice in the past couple of months I have bought items at a major store & not had the reduced price stated on the item ticket.
In one it stated that a further 25% would be deducted at checkout which wasn't & I didn't notice till I got home.
I eventually did get this through writing to the company.
The other involved a buy one get one half price which this time I did see as they were the only items I bought.
It just makes me wonder how many times this has happened to others & they havn't noticed as they have bought them along with lots of other items.
Company is a major food, electric & clothing retailer.

  dagnammit 11:41 08 Jun 2009

Regularly... but I always spot it and get the difference back at Customer Service, if they refuse I just ask for a complete refund.

  interzone55 15:46 08 Jun 2009

We've been through this many, many times, and having experience of 3 sides of the counter (retail worker, customer and supplier) I can see both sides of the complaint (if that makes sense)

Stores like supermarkets have tens of thousands of products, and literally thousands of special offers, and some offers rely on the purchase of several products.

Can you imagine how complex it is to handle that amount of marketing activity?

I'm not excusing the stores, just asking you to understand that everyone makes mistakes, and as long as the store corrects the mistake and puts procedures in place to stop it happening again then Trading Standards are generally happy...

  oresome 16:14 08 Jun 2009

Twice in two months.... It's almost a weekly occurence for us.

I read that the typical supermarket can change up to 3000 prices every day. They can't change all the point of sale price displays at the same time though or we wouldn't continually have the problem.

If the complexity is beyond them, stick to cost price plus margin. I'm sure their suppliers prices don't vary to the same extent.

  superhoops 18:43 08 Jun 2009

Yesterday I was in Morrisons and noticed that they had salt and vinegar Pringles for 77p, all the other flavours were £1 (still a good price). I picked up 4 tubes of the salt and vinegar to go with the rest of my shopping.
When I got out to the car I checked the receipt to make sure all the buy one get one frees etc were on there correctly. The Pringles had been charged at 31 each, not 77p.
I went back in and to the customer services desk and I showed the assistant the 77p shelf tag. As we were walking back to the desk I asked her if she was going to remove the 77p tag so no-one got caught out. She replied no as her shift was finishing shortly and she was tired. Customer service??

  tullie 19:35 08 Jun 2009

Why did you go back if you got them at less than half half the advertised price?

  chub_tor 19:48 08 Jun 2009

Shift error methinks and not "end of my shift" either....

  interzone55 20:00 08 Jun 2009

Cost + margin is not practical, as there are a huge number of other factors involved, such as transport costs (supplier or own), promotions (supplier or own), competitor activity etc.

Also product shelf life needs to be considered, short shelf life items tend to be higher margin to compensate for wastage...

  superhoops 20:32 08 Jun 2009

typo, pressed 3 rather than £, I paid £1 each when they were tagged on the shelf as 77p

  spuds 23:09 08 Jun 2009

Seeing how most of the major stores advertise that they are reducing prices and saving people absolutely pots of money is total rubbish. Have a look at their profit statements and forecasts.

People who never check their bills are utter fools. Every month, I can guarantee that I am at the customer service desk asking for an error to be corrected. This is usually followed on with a complaint to head office, if the complaints are similar. It is usually the same response, by offering a sincere apology and voucher, yet the problems never seems to go away.

I predict that in twenty years or so time, when the major supermarkets have the complete stronghold on how and what we buy, we will no doubt look back and wished we had complained louder.

  ened 07:42 09 Jun 2009

We spend approx.£100 every week in Tesco.

I always check the receipt when we get home and almost every week there is some discrepancy.

It is never in the customer's favour!

If I complained about all mistakes I would be forever queueing at the CS Counter.

So we only tend to go back if it is a major overcharge or if we have bought something because of an offer which wasn't given.

Incidentally some years ago it happened so frequently in Sainsburies that I stopped shopping there and complained to the local Trading Standards. All I received for my trouble was a lecture about how difficult it is for these stores and the assertion that they intended to do nothing about it!

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