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  britto 19:14 04 May 2005

A mate has been looking for a new system and asked for help I had a look around and found the NetHighStreet Net PA64 500, top rated superbuget pc in PC Advisors review, he fancied upgrading the monitor to a 17in TFT and I recommended another 512mb memory

I phoned them and have been quoted £100.00 for an upgrade to a 17in tft monitor when the upgrade price on the web site is £70.00+vat, extra 512mb of memory quoted as £50.00 but on site it is £35.00+vat and have been told delivery is £43.00 when the delivery on the website states £20.00+vat
Is this the norm do companies charge more for telephone orders?

  spuds 23:34 04 May 2005

Strange as it may sound, but quite a number of suppliers give special discounts with internet orders. You will often see companies like PC World,Comet etc sell items cheaper on the internet, icluding in some cases free delivery on internet orders.

When you read a review with a packaged price, this is usually an agreed fixed term price with the publisher and manufacturer on that deal. Adding extras will most likely change the pricing fixture for these arrangements.Why not try and haggle for a discount, they may reduce to the internet prices for a comfirmed sale.

  britto 19:56 06 May 2005

thanks for the interest spuds,I sent them an email asking why the difference but not holding my breath for a reply,it was just that the various upgrades were all priced the roughly the same whatever system was chosen and delivery was the same £20+vat.My mate ordered the computer with upgraded monitor but no extra memory before I could advise him further,they would not shift on the £43 delivery charge which was nearly double the website price.

  Stuartli 13:31 07 May 2005

It is far less expensive to operate an Internet sales service than a staffed phone centre - it applies to all manner of businesses, from insurance cover to computer systems.

That's why place such as Dabs use the technique.

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