Pretty laptop?

  Picklefactory 14:00 22 Oct 2008

I'm sure there are plenty of laptop lovers here.
Girl friend in the market for new laptop, I've never had one so limited on what advice I can give. Looking at around £600 budget, give or take a smidgin. Would prefer 17" screen, but not essential, built in webcam (Does lots of webchat with family), good speed (Dual core/3-4Gb RAM), don't need huge HDD, preferably light enough for lady to drag around. It's for general home/college use. But MOST importantly to GF is it must be pretty. ;-0
I've been trawling net, but sooooo much choice. I'm currently angling towards Toshiba due to good reliability reports I've read.
Any suggestions folks?

  MAJ 18:24 22 Oct 2008

Have you looked at Dell's Studio 17 coloured laptops, Picklefactory? Not bad looking in my opinion. click here

  Stuartli 18:27 22 Oct 2008


click here (plus Inspirion 1525s in various colours)

click here

  Condom 22:27 22 Oct 2008

I suppose if you have an unlimited budget and don't mind paying a bit over the odds for a name you could try a "Ferrari". Who makes them I have no idea but I should imagine Ferrari have got into bed with a good maker. I'm told they can't be beaten on "LOOKS"

  Picklefactory 07:51 23 Oct 2008

Thanks folks, all very good options. She loves them, even though I'm trying manfully to persuade her to be more practical about it. I might win, who knows...............women!!
I'll tick as resolved and post back with final reckoning.
Thanks again.

  jack 09:53 23 Oct 2008

Tell her it can be any colour she wishes so long as it is BLACK

It what it does for the money- not how it looks.

She could for example Personalize/Customize/- I cant think of the current Buzz word - used in prettying cars-
By doing a Blue peter with sticky motives

  Stuartli 10:48 23 Oct 2008

The Ferrari laptops are from Acer. See:

They've been around for about three years and, just like the cars, red is THE colour and most certainly not Ford black...:-)

  Stuartli 10:50 23 Oct 2008

This is probably what you have in mind for your girl friend:

click here

  Picklefactory 12:30 23 Oct 2008

Now that is a dilemma. She might actually like it, but I might have to get seen with it occassionally. Not sure I could face that ;-)
I'm trying to talk her into a Tosh A300 or P300's. There are Intel or AMD versions available. Both seem pretty well loaded.
click here

click here

Any thoughts. (They aren't so pretty, but seem pretty well specced to me, and Tosh appear to have a good reputation as far as I can check.

  Clapton is God 12:39 23 Oct 2008

Seems to me that it's time to get a new girlfriend.

  spuds 12:47 23 Oct 2008

The Dell are about the prettiest of all the laptop ranges.If you intend making a purchase from Dell, the see what 'extra' discounts are available.

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