Preordering a PS3 with plan to sell on ebay

  Viv-208691 13:48 12 Feb 2007

The PS3 is released in the UK on 23rd March and I am presuming it will sell out quite quickly? Can anyone tell me if they think it would be a good idea to buy a ps3 with a plan to immediately sell on ebay? Would I make a profit? Thanks.

  €dstowe 14:00 12 Feb 2007

What about all the other people with the same idea?

eBay will be awash with PS3 devices immediately after launch and there is only a certain number of potential customers - most will have bought them at the "proper" selling price through a known and reliable dealer (not that I'm suggesting you are not reliable but you will be unknown to most of your potential buyers).

  Kate B 14:06 12 Feb 2007

Given that the RRP for the PS3 is pretty eyewatering you might find there are slightly fewer people desperate to pay an eBay price for it. I'm sure there will be the usual flurry of people stupid/desperate enough to camp outside stores but PS3 sales are distinctly sluggish elsewhere. click here I think it's a bit of a flop for Sony, and possibly will be even more so here. The 360 has a firm foothold and the Wii is doing OK, too. How much appetite is there for a late contender that is waaaay more expensive than the other two consoles and which is (I think) backing the wrong next-gen DVD format?

  tullie 14:07 12 Feb 2007

Plus you will allready paid a retail price for it,no ones going to pay more unless they are daft

  Kate B 14:12 12 Feb 2007

tullie, never underestimate the daftness of people ;-)

  Totally-braindead 14:13 12 Feb 2007

You might have a chance of getting more for it if there was a real shortage and it was the run up to Xmas, since Xmas is quite a long time away I wouldn't think you would get any more than the retail price, perhaps even less.

  Viv-208691 14:42 12 Feb 2007

Only 220 thousand will be avialable in the UK at launch though, that's not very many is it? So that will perhaps work in my favour?

Thanks for all the advice guys, really appreciated.

  silverous 14:50 12 Feb 2007


In my opinion it is very likely that demand for the PS3 will outstrip supply as it does for nearly all new consumer devices which are eagerly anticipated.

On that basis, as people have with things such as PSPs, Xbox's etc. you should be able to sell it for more on ebay. If not you've got yourself a nice console ahead of the pack!

Let us know how you get on!



  spuds 15:17 12 Feb 2007

eBay and some of its registered members are one of those mysteries of life. Its a known fact that some people get auction fever, and will pay anything, even twice the price for a 'must have now, at any cost' item.

Perhaps you will be one of the rich overnight sellers, we hear about!.

But then on the other hand, check to see the 'contact member' email you may receive, doesn't have the tone of a Nigerian scam.

  Viv-208691 15:21 12 Feb 2007

Silverous / Paul,

My thoughts exactly, I just hope it's the former that's all!!

  wiz-king 18:35 12 Feb 2007

And what happens if you are one of those that preordered and it does not come -'oops we did not get all our order, Guv' - that has happened before, are you then going to buy on eBay instead of selling? If the one get is sold how are you going to transfer/keep the warranty active.

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