[DELETED] 11:47 13 Dec 2003

Just recieved my Bt phone bill wiith a charge of 42 pounds to a premium rate number.

I chellenged the bill they cant tell me who run the premium rate number but gave me the number of a goverment body who deals with these matters.Spent two days almost listening to the engaged tone.

I deny ring these numbers.They asked if I had an internet connection and suggested the premium calls could have been made through this connection by an accidental click of a button.

I have ask them to block all premium rate calls from my phone ,they agreed but pointed out calls could still be made through my isp virgin.This worries me to death and after three years on the net I am thinking of disconnecting

Any suggestions.

My internet connection is used a great deal by my 4 children.

  [DELETED] 12:28 13 Dec 2003

I returned home from holiday earlier this year to a warning via letter that my tele bill was abnormally high. My son denied all knowledge of how this could have happened.

Long tale, but this was achieved (?) by my son (who should not have been in the house), surfing the net, viewing a porn site - agreeing to terms and conditions. Software was then automatically downloaded onto pc, the free internet connection disconnected and a new connection via the premium rate made.

He made 2 or 3 connections and it cost me over £200! I was hopping mad. He felt you have to have use a credit card to run up bills for porn. Not so!

BT were able to give me full details of the number dialled, including the fact it was 'Night time media' head office in New York. Not much chance in contacting them to complain. My son was not even 18.

Premium rate numbers are banned in my house. I am sure premium numbers can now not be dialled via the internet or am I mistaken? I would be surprised if they can still be dialled through your isp also?

This may not be how your high call cost arrive, but something to consider. I am surprised BT are unable to tell you who runs the number. I am sure it was a special department via BT who gave me the information. I would try again.

How old are your children? It might be worth having a word with them to see if they can shed any light on the matter. The premium rate calls could be via the landline or Internet. I would not cease the internet - find out how it happened, as I did. I feel very secure in the knowledge it is highly unlikly to happened again (hopefully). My son would not dare after the trouble it got him into!!!!

Good luck and don't panic.

  [DELETED] 12:38 13 Dec 2003

click here
click here
click here

Your children use the internet probably explains it all. Check out the preceding links for diallers info.

  mikef. 13:21 13 Dec 2003

Sounds like a dialler make sure you have Ad Aware free version click here and then download Spyware Blaster which stops them being downloaded in the first place click here

  [DELETED] 14:36 14 Dec 2003

Internet Dialers/Diallers , two ways to spell it and two very different types , legitimate and Dodgy/foisted ones , first off legitimate diallers are used for different services and are run under strict guidelines , to use one of these a site has to state the costs etc and the user has to agree , some have an upper time limit on them , see ICSTIS site click here this site is where you need to report all dodgy premium rate numbers found on your bill .

These dialers are downloaded on to your computer and either change your dialup settings or create new ones , they can be installed automatically without any knowledge, sites visited ie:- pr0n(adult)/warez/crack/password normally would be the ones foisting dialers on to you , among lots of others no doubt .

Obviously not all Dialers are going to be UK premium rate numbers , many are going to be International numbers , Premium rate numbers can be banned on your line by BT (free service) I have no idea regarding International numbers , either way not much help if you need to phone either type .

Dodgy/foisted diallers are a different kettle of fish though , these are foisted on to your machine in various different ways , activeX/java exploits/popup windows/chromeless windows etc , the average person can be taken in when an activeX signing dialog box pops up recommending whatever security update is installed , especially so when it appears to have been signed by Microsoft ! where in true fact it is a fake overlay and your agreeing to something quite different , see securiteam site click here for information on how this is done , this page has a link on it that gives a demonstration of fake activeX box , its harmless but a real wake up call.

I read elsewhere that users should not panic when inundated with popups (very true) and to read very carefully what they were clicking on and agreeing to , the above paragraph knocks that on the head a little , if unsure DON’T click on anything , to try and get rid of a new window/popup you can use windows keys like ESC/ALT+F4/CTRL+alt+DEL , you can right click the offender on the taskbar (if you can see it) and click on close , however these keys will not always work, disconnecting is also an option .

Protection – unfortunately Most Anti virus and Firewall programs will not protect from dialers , There are plenty of popup stopping programs along with spy/adware programs , Ad-Aware from click here and Spybot-S&D from click here both free , along with others like SpywareBlaster from click here . Turning off activeX and Java may be an option but will also in turn be restrictive when visiting some sites. Consider a dedicated phone line for your computer and restrict it to local calls. Make a note of your ISP`s dialup number and every time you dialup check it’s the correct number , again no help if a dialer phones home when your not looking.

I have seen many foreign language sites listing anti-dialers/blockers , also sites like SaferSurf which claim to stop dialers like stopitnow click here also Dialgaurd from click here , and I see Panda AV now have an anti-dialer click here , / I do not have any knowledge of any of them .

Now I have probably sent everyone to sleep I`ll just add that you should keep all protective/blocking software up to date as you would your Anti-virus , and stay alert , keep other users informed to threats/exploits/vandals .

  Zak 18:24 14 Dec 2003

Please also have a look at my reply in the folowing thread:

click here

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