In Praise Of Sony

  Seadog 20:00 01 Mar 2004

I bought a Sony DSC-P1 digital camera in the last few days of December 2000 in UK and have since had to buy two batteries, at a cost of £40 each (one in Hong Kong and one in Singapore) due to failure - or so I thought!
Turns out there is a problem with some of these cameras with the charging system (rechargeable Li-ion battery with memory)that has been publicised on the Sony website, telling you to phone them if your camera displays certain symptoms.
Phoned Sony Service Centre on Friday the 20th February, very charming woman on the other end who took all the details and said they would arrange collection on Monday 23rd, and there's a two to three week turn round. (But she would see what could be done as I told her I would be leaving the country for three months on 2nd March and would have liked to have my camera with me.)
Received a collection note confirmation on Friday 27th and blow me down, the camera was returned today (1st March)with everything sorted AND three new batteries.
Very impressed, even if it was a "recall" but after three years of ownership!
My only problem is that I now have three batteries and really will only ever need one!

  kinger 23:24 01 Mar 2004

Same thing with me too. I was looking for a new camera until I came across the Sony offer on this camera on their web site.

They fixed the problem (2x batts, Power supply and internal chip) and got it to me early as I had to go on holiday. All no charge!

On my return I found an old battery for this camera and so I phoned to ask if they could replace this one as well.

They did (£59 worth) for free.

That is terrific service, I do agree Seadog!

  961 09:28 02 Mar 2004

Sorry to be a party pooper but I have a (very expensive) Sony digital video camera. I recently set about editing a whole bundle of tapes via Windows Movie Maker only to discover that the camera did not have DV-in, which is the required bit to get the edited pictures back onto a new tape.

All requests for advice from Sony about an accessory or whatever for the camera to enable me to do this have produced everything but help, including the fact that they won't help and if I seek help from anyone else all sorts of hell and damnation will rain down upon both me and the camera

There's a fair bit of Sony stuff around here. There won't, I'm afraid, be anymore

  byfordr 09:46 02 Mar 2004

Which models is it? I thought all their top end kit had i-link. Certainly the one I just recently bought did.

  Stuartli 10:21 02 Mar 2004

I'm amazed you managed to find your way around the bizzare Sony websites(s)...:-)

  961 11:34 02 Mar 2004

This one is about 3 years old - TRV110E

I think most of the kit before and after did have i-link but there was a period when they were arguing with eec regs which defined cameras with dv-in as a tape recorder which apparently attracted a higher rate of duty. (If you remember, the French imported all video recorders through a very small port around that time)

  Stuartli 13:41 02 Mar 2004

It's a rather a long time since the French performed that little trick on the Japanese...:-)

  byfordr 14:08 02 Mar 2004

Is there no way you use some form of capture card?

If not these may be of help

click here

click here

click here


  MichelleC 14:47 02 Mar 2004

961, you can get a widget from here to enable dv 'in' click here It worked with my Sony TRV 120E.

  961 15:22 02 Mar 2004



Cheers, thanks for that. I'll look into these

What makes me unhappy is that having paid top dollar for a Sony product they expect me either to trade in the existing product or buy a widget from a third party

  MichelleC 17:39 02 Mar 2004

It was the saving of import tax which made dv camcord makers disable the dv 'in'. Now most makers incorporate it in their rrrp. But the import tax would have been more than the widget. Saving to dv tape in avi is best way to save space on pc and retain quality. (it doesn't last for 100 years but quite a few).

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