In praise of Simply Computers

  Shas 11:05 28 Oct 2004

There seem to be so many complaints about service etc. these days, that it's nice to be able to praise someone for a change!

I ordered a cordless keyboard and mouse on line yesterday morning from Simply Computers, choosing the three-day delivery (as it is free for October). I received confirmation of despatch at 7.20 yesterday evening, and at 10.45 this morning the goods arrived. How's that for service!

  grumpy-git 11:30 28 Oct 2004


Interesting to know who delivered it, as in postman or name of courier service? A friend of mine also ordered something a few months ago from Simply & it turned up next day. Very good, seeing as you cannot rely on a first class letter being delivered "next day" any more.


  Shas 11:40 28 Oct 2004

It was delivered by Amtrak. One other thing I like about Simply is that you can choose the delivery address. I buy things for here at my office using my credit card and two or three other suppliers have lost out because they will only deliver to the credit card billing address. Whilst I can fully see the sense in that, it doesn't help much if you know for sure you won't be there to see the goods in. I've used Simply several times now and so far would recommend them to anyone.

  George Smiley 13:07 28 Oct 2004

I got a Maxtor external hard drive from Simply overnight. Excellent delivery service. I also got a cheapy Wi-Fi travel laptop from Acer overnight too - at no extra cost.

It is good practice to hunt around for bargains, but paying the second-cheapest price and getting good service can be a good option.

  grumpy-git 14:27 28 Oct 2004

...something along the lines of "everything works properly most of the time".


Amtrak, oh, right! How do I answer that? I remember years ago I was on a training course, and part of it was entitled "consequences", can't recall it all, but there is something that follows every "if" and it has happened to me.

If my pc had worked properly, I would have said Amtrak were great, as it was delivered during the timescale I was advised. Same again when the pc failed, Amtrak collected it at the time specified. After repair it was returned again at the specified time. Then things went wrong, not just with the pc, but the Amtrak collection, they did not arrive. They also missed the next collection date, but it was a case of third time "eventually" (not lucky)

The more collections/deliveries you have, the more accurate the picture you get for quality of service??? 4 out of 6 on time, only 66% success rate.

This is where "if" comes into it. Score would have been 100% IF pc worked first time, would also have been 100% IF the repair had been successful, with 3 out of 3 on time, but unfortunate "consequences" resulted in Amtrak failing to achieve their 100% success rate.

G-G (or Mister facts & figures)

  Shas 15:41 28 Oct 2004

As you say G-G, unfortunate 'consequences'. In fairness to the carriers though, things must conspire against them at times - traffic, breakdowns, bad road signs - the estate on which I work is a nightmare for finding anything. It's a warren of mini estates leading off the main one and many of the units don't have numbers on them so if the carrier hasn't been there before, where does the poor guy start! I get lots of them coming in to me asking if I know where such and such is.

For now though, Simply were excellent and Amtrak got it right. Let's hope I haven't just given them the kiss of death! :o)

  grumpy-git 08:40 30 Oct 2004


Reckon I live in a parallel "negative" world (sounds like something from Star Trek?) where if something can go wrong, then it will. I think it can't go on for ever, trying to think positively of course.

The road I live on always causes people problems, at one end of the road they started with number "1", house next door was "2" etc. then at the end of the road the numbers "crossed" to the other side and continued.

Example, opposite no. 10 you will find no. 120.

To finish, I think I have had a delivery from Simply in the past without any problems at all. Brill!



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