Praise fo Hewlett Packard

  MisterPaul 09:56 14 Jan 2004

On a positive note, I can confirm that all HP printers are now shipped with full ink cartridges, and not the 'economoy', half-empty cartridges of old.


  spuds 12:20 14 Jan 2004

Consumer requests have a last brought sensible rewards.

  Sir Radfordin 13:20 14 Jan 2004

Do you have a source for this information?

  MisterPaul 13:41 14 Jan 2004

I did a little research, as I had been told otherwise. The spec sheet for my printer details the amount of ink in the cartridge supplied, and this is the same as those available off the shelf. I also emaield HP yesterday, and have pasted part of the response below-

'Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.

Paul, non of the ink cartridges supplied by HP along with the printer
contain less ink. All the ink cartridges are completely filled. You
can use the ink cartridges without any hesitation.

However, if you think that any of the new ink cartridge is not
completely filled, we will replace it free of charge.

Please do not belive in any misleading information. If you have any
doubts regarding HP products, please contact us for correct
I appreciate the fact that you approached us for clarification
this issue.

This should resolve the issue. If you need further assistance, please
reply to this message.'

I thkn that message is clear enough.


  Sir Radfordin 14:05 14 Jan 2004

Good stuff. Lets hope others follow.

  Wilham 14:53 14 Jan 2004

HP15 blk cartridges on the label say they hold (from my memory) about 20ml. HP45 blk carts say they hold 42ml of ink. Yet these two carts have identical outside physical dimensions.
They are not quite electrically the same, and a web site I listed some time ago gave details how you can modify the printer's electrics to run one instead of the other.

  Sir Radfordin 15:07 14 Jan 2004

I'm told by my Father who buys HP ink for his 920c that they do a high capacity tank and a normal one. He normally buys the high capacity. This is the difference you will have found in volume.

If you do not use your printer very often then the high capacity ink may dry out or the head clog more. As the print head for HP printers is in the cartridge the quality could deteriorate. By replacing after less pages (though a longer time) a normal capacity one may suit some people better.

Apparently Viking-Direct are one of the best for low prices on genuine HP ink.

  tafoody 15:20 14 Jan 2004

looking at PCworld's site, they have a HP-DJ3550 for £19.99,

replacements cartridges cost; colour £19.99, black £15.99

cheaper to buy a new printer, especially now we know the supplied catridges are full.

  Al94 15:43 14 Jan 2004

Received the following email from HP re DJ5650 printer, I was not convinced that advice from PCWorld that it came with "tester" cartridges which would only print a few pages was correct.

Thank you for contacting HP

The cartridges supplied are HP no.56 black inkjet print
(19 ml) and HP no.57 tri-colour inkjet print (17 ml) cartridges. These are full capacity cartridges

I hope this information helps

Best Regards,

Chris Robinson

Tel: 0845 270 4222
click here

  Sir Radfordin 16:05 14 Jan 2004

And since you've mentioned the 5650 remember that only PCW sell this, everywhere else sells the identical 5652.

  Wilham 16:15 14 Jan 2004

The tanks of HP15 and HP45 are the same size, so they can't differ 50% in capacity. The HP45 when new has a spring pressing on the bagged ink. However, I believe the spring is no longer active in compatibles, nor of course when you refill it yourself. One of my sons uses an HP15, I'll see what ink vol I can put into that cart.
I confess I am prejudiced about HP ink volume after an HP58 (photo cart) indicated it needed replacing after just 12 A4 photos, and fizzled out a colour the next but one copy. It was a new cart, not supplied with my HP psc 2210. My reaction was to buy a canon 850i, and so far it's done well, though I worry if a replacement head will be still around when needed.

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