PQDI Error 1805

  Wuggy 21:56 30 Aug 2003

Trying to image my daughter's laptop using PQDI 2002.Laptop is Packard Bell iGo 2185. It has DVD/ CDRW combi made by QSI model SBW-241. When trying to write direct to CDR keep getting error message 1805 when trying to "close out media". Apparently insufficient space on target drive (700MB disk). Then tried writing to partition on HDD.Created 4.1 GB partition (PQDI estimated 3.8 GB sufficient) but about 85% through again aborted stating error 1805. Increased partition size to 5.2 GB but again error 1805 about 85% through. Checked Powerquest website and find that DVD/CDRW combi are not supported which may account for failure to write to CDR but does not explain failure to copy 7.5 full of 12.5 GB HDD to a 5.2 GB partition with full compression. Has anybody any ideas. Does Packard Bell have any sort of write protection preventing images being made or is my installation of PQDI 2002 not working properly. Any help would be gratefully accepted as my daughter will be at Uni 200 miles away and I hope to set up her laptop so she can recover easily from any problem. Thanks.

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