tamc98 23:15 05 Jul 2003

Another gold star here for Crucial.co.uk.
Why is it that they seem to be one of the only online retailers that include P+P in with the price of the goods.
It really gets my back up when you get to the checkout only to find that your order has just gone up another fiver for P+P. This is made even worse by the fact that they then use a courier service that only delivers during office hours Monday > Friday. What good is this. I can't sit a home all day I have a job to go to.
At least if I miss the posty I can nip down to the local collection point later and pick the pardel up. For me to pick a parcel up from the courier means a thirty five mile round trip. Kinda defeats the point of having a courier service doesn't it.
Cheers, Tony.
P.S. Crucial use Royal Mail (soon be Blue Peter badge time).

  wee eddie 07:03 06 Jul 2003

I am not trying to belittle Crucial, who are very efficient, but their product range is tiny.

Physically, in terms of size and weight.

Consistency, its all the same size, give or take a millimetre or two.

Range, perhaps only a couple of hundred items.

All those different numbers are to enable Crucial identify which type of PC the memory is to be installed.

Are you trying to tell us something???? Perhaps you thoughts on either Crucial or the above post (Which I dont know)...???

  tamc98 09:24 06 Jul 2003

Crucial are primarily a memory retailer so as a rule only peolple that are after memory or memory related items will go to the site. You wouldn't go to Mac Donalds for a loaf of bread would you!
I have found that not only do they offer a very efficient service, the fact that most things seem to be shipped in similar sized boxes and are of similar weight can only help here, but they still manage to offer some of the lowest prices for quility memory wilst still including shipping in the cost.
It would not be difficult for other online retailes to do the same. They already know how much it will cost to send the item/items upto a set weightso why not include it it the price rather than tacking it on at the end. And why not send itmes via Royal Mail. From my experiance it it a for more reliable and efficient service.

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