PowerQuest Drive Image 7

  nojs 23:54 29 Jan 2004

Has any one used this software? I have had to get another h/d as my old one is dying again, Ive loaded xp and all the patches (oh so many) and my progs on the new h/d for the second time in a year. To save me the hastle if it happens again I want to do a complete bootable backup of my new drive so that I could just reinstall everything easily. Any experience?

  The Spires 00:06 30 Jan 2004

I have used click here for a while now, works well, it backs up my C:\ drive from within Windows in under five minutes.

  Djohn 00:48 30 Jan 2004

I've just done this very thing last weekend using DI7. [Drive Image 7]. I decided to format my drive and start with a clean install of XP and all my software, drivers and applications.

Once the O/S install had finished, I installed the rest of my software/drivers/ISP settings/anti-virus, then fine tuned all my settings to the way I like them to be, and defraged the drive.

DI7 is very straightforward to install and use. I opened the program and from the very easy to follow instructions, created a folder then clicked on the button to back-up the C: drive to the D: drive. That's it! Took about 4-5 minutes to do.

I now have a perfect image of the C: drive for future use if ever I need it. Now all I have to do is remember to back-up on a weekly basis, and if things do go wrong with the C: drive it will take only a few minutes to be up and running again.

Weekly is fine for me, others will need to do it daily, I always make a separate back-up to CD of any important work as I go along, so at the most I would only lose a couple of hours work if anything went wrong.

  D-P-R 07:01 30 Jan 2004

Its good as long as you dont want to backup Serial ATA drives then you will need to use something like Norton Ghost

  mbp 09:16 30 Jan 2004

The Spires has the best solution. It is the program that will be easy and convenient and a pleasure to use. I would say, "A must have!"

  SEASHANTY 15:40 30 Jan 2004

I hope that you are backing up your "C" drive to another separate hard drive i.e. you have two physical hard disks installed. It will not be of much use when your drive fails if "C" is backed up to "D" on the same HDD.

  nojs 16:47 30 Jan 2004

"I hope that you are backing up your "C" drive to another separate hard drive"

I have my current drive which is failing and my new drive which I have done a fresh install including my progs.I do not have the new one installed yet, I just plugged it in and disconnected the old one before installing everything.

I have a dvd burner and was hoping to be able to do a complete bootable back to dvd.

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