Poweroid plunge?

  bigbrownie 23:51 22 Mar 2003

My dear old computer is beginning to creak, so must be replaced :(

Poweroid seem very good news - does anyone have any experiences that would help me take the plunge and order a system from them - or not as the case may be???

Any particular model?

  Europa 13:51 23 Mar 2003

Hi bigbrownie,

I do not have a poweroid myself but like you I am considering buying my next PC from them. If you want any feedbacks on poweroid pc users you could go and have a look at Romulus2.com site click here
you should find a few answers there.
Goog luck with your new PC

  bigbrownie 19:30 23 Mar 2003

Thanks, Europa. I'd read them before, but going back after having done more research was really helpful.

I'll post with my verdict if I go ahead! Good luck with your new machine too...

  Poweroid 19:59 23 Mar 2003

Bigbrownie and Europa,

Thanks for considering buying your PC from us.

Apart from the excellent Romulus2 site there is also click here (American).

You can also check in this forum for comments on Poweroid (though the search feature is currently giving some trouble and may not return all relevant threads)

Another good reason to buy from us: We have a presence on these forums :-)

Happy computing, whereever you finally buy your PCs from.

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