Poweroid computers

  warbler 19:03 17 Jan 2003
  warbler 19:03 17 Jan 2003

I am puzzled that there seems to be no messages about Poweroid machines. Is no one buying them?

  powerless 19:15 17 Jan 2003

Put "poweroid" into the search on this site you'll recieve a few returns about poweroid.

  Poweroid 19:32 17 Jan 2003

Warbler, people are more likely to post messages when they have a problem than when everything arrives on time and is all working perfectly :-)

  powerless 19:36 17 Jan 2003

Nice response.

  Ralpheus 23:57 17 Jan 2003

I recently bought a Poweroid - it arrived when they said it would, and everything seems to be working well. My gut feeling is that they are more interested in computers and computer users than they are in making as much money as possible, which can't be bad


  geezer13 00:56 20 Jan 2003

Bought a poweroid, good sales and info service - arrived on time with several upgrades that I didnt expect.

Didnt work.

Sent it back through an excellent and hasty returns service, got it back quickly despite being very close to x-mas.

Very happy!!

Only slight problem was the impolite e-mail I recieved when describing what i "thought" was wrong with it.

Apart from that i recommend them for good computers and good customer service. never thought i would ever say that in the same sentence.

  warbler 08:28 22 Jan 2003

Many thanks to all who replied. Am I right that they must be working on a new design in the superbudget area - this is where I am aiming to buy.

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