Power to the PC user !

  Worf100 23:29 19 Feb 2003

I looked on with wonder (and disbelief) regarding a thread regarding the changes made by NTL to limit broadband use. I even put my own 2 pence worth in. The comments started to get a little personal at the 40th or 50th entry but I can imagine it is a n emotive issue, but why get uptight with each other ? I can only guess at the number of personal PC's there are in the UK but think what power we would have if we all got together and said "we will not buy any printer with smart chips in their ink refills" or "we want Broadband on our 'fair' terms". I know they all need to make a profit but why do they have their cake and eat it !

  obbit 20:20 20 Feb 2003

people don't stick together for long. you gradually get one or two then a few more then before you know it you are the only one left boycotting the service or product. I've seen it happen so many times in the work place.

  oresome 22:08 20 Feb 2003

"I know they all need to make a profit but why do they have their cake and eat it !"

I guess you were not one of the ntl shareholders who lost all when they filed for bankruptcy. The interest payments on the debt incurred in building the network couldn't be met, let alone capital repayments and further network investment.

Hardly a company making money hand over fist.

  Pesala 23:08 20 Feb 2003

Buyers generally have plenty of choice where they buy. PC profit margins are so low that many companies go belly-up after a few years. Look what happened to Tiny Computers. Quite a decent sized company with a good image.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the same happen to NTL, though it is a much bigger company. Then how many Gigabytes a day will anyone be able to download. I think their policy is sensible, but moving the goalposts after advertising a service as "unlimited" is unfair. As take up of broadband increases, we will all notice a drop off in performance unless some kind of "congestion charge" is imposed on heavy users.

  Worf100 23:02 22 Feb 2003

Obbit referred to the 'work place'. The company I work for used to simply look at what our various suppliers had in their range and ordered from that, when my colleague and I got involved we knew we needed something slightly different, the supplier looked at what we asked for and we got it, they then proceeded to sell the modified product all over the world ! Tell the ISP company how many gigabytes per day you need to download, tell the printer company you do not want to pay through the nose for ink refills or have in-built chips so reducing your choice.

I was thinking more along a 'friends reunited' type set up. Interest would tail off but a general consensus could be shown for any supplier / prospective purchaser to look at !

No I was not an NTL shareholder but that's a different matter if I may say so, shareholders take a risk in order to gain a profit and / or premiums. If NTL had not been so keen to buy out every area they could you in turn could be using AAA Broadband PLC and next door could be using ZZZ Broadband PLC, they, and their shareholders, took a risk and it failed. They may have made another error by quoting 'unlimited' downloads then saying 'sorry no can do'. Established suppliers like the electric company's can cope with 'boiling the kettle' syndrome at half time but until the likes of NTL get their advertising and network working together expect more cuts. As always the few 'suffer' for the masses !

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