potential liable case against me

  Johnnie_M 13:25 13 Apr 2006

Ok, well, here it goes...

Someone has created a blog against a letting agency I used to let a flat from, bad mouthing this companies reputation. He is blaming me for this, with absolutely no concrete evidence whatsoever. Is there anyway of finding out who created the blog? such as IP tracking or the creaters email address?

  splatter 13:30 13 Apr 2006

If you do a whoIS search you MAY be able to find out the domain registrants name email etc However, you can choose to hide these details. For example: click here

This is my domain but my address and email are hidden, however, my name is shown.

  Johnnie_M 13:35 13 Apr 2006

ah but I don't have the person's IP address, will the website that created the blog have it, and more importantly would they release it

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:35 13 Apr 2006

It is no use asking here on what could be a very tricky situation. You need to see a solicitor quickly...the first half hour is usually free. You have no chance of finding out who wrote the log unless the police get invoved and whois will only refer you to a server.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:36 13 Apr 2006

ps..these things have a habit of turning nasty...solicitor forthwith.


  medicine hat 14:04 13 Apr 2006

No evidence = no problem, surely?

  Shanks69 14:08 13 Apr 2006

If he's no evidence you've created/hosted the blog, or written the content his libel case is going to struggle.
Get yourself down to a solicitor for some free advice as suggested though.
Check whether your home contents policy has legal expenses cover included or as an add on.

  aveylee 14:23 13 Apr 2006

Threats of libel actions are common. Plaintiffs with the neccessary money to afford to bring one are much much rarer. (We are talking tens of thousands of ££).

Civil actions are on the 'basis of probability'. Given this the company will have to provide sufficient evidence tying you to the blogsite, which they (if you are innocent obviously) could not do; they would also need to show that the statements made are not true; and that the statements have the potential to materially effect the letting agents reputation. Not easy and not cheap..

However I agree totally with Gandalf and Shanks69, seek legal advice asap. Look up a local 'Legal aid' solicitor on the web and make an appointment.

  donki 16:22 13 Apr 2006

If you didnt post it... u have nothing to worry about?

If anything you could probably put in a counter claim for stress or what not. People are innocent until proven guilty, and the way the internet is none will ever know who posted it.

  HondaMan 16:33 13 Apr 2006

I think that the onus is on the alleged libellor to prove that what you say of the libelled IS true. Truth is a defence to a libel suit.

  Johnnie_M 23:54 13 Apr 2006

well, I have just had an update, the last time the blog was updated was the 21st of February, now this was a month before we moved out, that would put me in the clear surely. The person that is accusing me came to my door today "for a chat" to which I refused, he then threatened me with "you better watch it!" no I never got intimidated at all, but surely I can sue him for this? or would I have to prove he came to my door and tried to intimidate me?

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