posting parcels out (ebay)

  dfghjkl 22:24 09 Dec 2004

hello all,i have just started using ebay,what i would like to know is what postal service do you recomend?my parcels will be anything from dvd,games to something heavy like a printer or even larger say a steering wheel and pedals set for a pc which is bulky and heavy?would you recomend the post office or a ups\citylink sort of setup?i will be sending from home so i know we have a parcel force depo and dhl and maybe a few others (near newbury,berks)any help would be nice.
thanks, peter.

  @[email protected]!c 22:35 09 Dec 2004

i personaly use parcel force put the weight in and where you are sending it from and to..then it gives you some the one you want and they pick it up at your house and deliver it...the site is also good for working out postage and packaging costs..regards karl

  pj123 11:58 10 Dec 2004

@[email protected]!c, a link would be nice?

dfghjkl, I also have packages to send occasionaly regularly, but no scales. I pop into my local post office and weigh it, then choose the best option.

I generally look at other similar items on eBay and see what they are charging for delivery. I have only had to use an independent courier once because the item was so big I couldn't get it to the Post Office.

If this is going to be ongoing you may well find that a regular account with a local courier could be advantageous.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:12 10 Dec 2004

'@[email protected]!c, a link would be nice?'...Google is your friend............

click here


  PUNKA 12:21 10 Dec 2004

And while you are on this site read the Scam Alert on the front page too !!

  dfghjkl 17:43 10 Dec 2004

thanks i will have a look around,peter.

  Wilham 19:27 10 Dec 2004

In October on eBay I bid and bought a compound radial saw and was pleased to be asked to pay just under £10 for carriage.

Carrier was click here . In fact it came by Parcel Force who must have an arrangement. I would use them again.

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