Postie thiefs?

  Þ² 19:46 05 Aug 2010

or thief?

I'm incredibly annoyed that 4 packets (from different sources) have not turned up but my letters are arriving on time.

Is the Postie a thief, is there a problem with packets in Belfast or something else entirely?

  Forum Editor 19:50 05 Aug 2010

which one (if any) of your three possibilities is the correct one?

  Þ² 19:58 05 Aug 2010

Opinion on the most likely?

  ronalddonald 20:32 05 Aug 2010

Could be possible they are being delayed to bomb alerts.

  jimmybond 22:55 05 Aug 2010

it's a wonder these sorting offices get any work done eh? "OMG everyone it's another live one....we got another....PARCEL....everyone run for cover...!!!".

  lotvic 00:19 06 Aug 2010

Have you asked the post office sorting office? or reported them lost/not delivered?

  ?-?-? 00:38 06 Aug 2010

Not enough days have passed, 21 and 28 before they will (suppliers) entertain my queries. I didn't know I could deal with RM as I'm the recipient??

  wiz-king 08:12 06 Aug 2010

If you ask the suppliers the may have tracking numbers for the packets, then you can look the up here click here if they were sent by Royal Mail or here if Parcelforce click here;jsessionid=2ZMPC15GXAQNKFB2IGEENZQUHRAYUQ2K?catId=7500082&pageId=trt_resultspage&keyname=track_blank&pfHomeTrack=true&_requestid=7078

  wiz-king 08:14 06 Aug 2010

second link should have been click here

  rickf 10:01 06 Aug 2010

most likely to have happened at the sorting centre than the postie

  PalaeoBill 21:06 06 Aug 2010

I sold 13 new boxed unused mobile phones that were surplus to requirements (the company updated its car kits and the older handsets no longer fitted). I packaged them all up the same, bubble wrap, brown paper and parcel tape and sold them on e-bay over about five days for around about £15 ish each. All posted at the same post office and I got receipts. Two didn't make it and although I put a claim in and the Post Office gave me the money back, it didn't do much for my e-bay standing (fortunately the buyers were good about it).
The money was donated to charity so they didn't lose out but the Post Office did, which means we did in a round about way.
It's not a terriby good success rate and as you suggest,it means either incompetence or thieving.

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