Postage Higher Than Expected

  oldbeefer2 15:22 25 Feb 2008

Ordered a wireless Network Card from Amazon at the weekend -postage charges were not mentioned (as far as I remember) as the item is being sourced from another company (common Amazon practice I'm told). Bit surprised when I checked progress of the order to find P&P was £6.99. Seems a bit excessive for such a small, light item. Any thoughts on this way of doing business?

  lofty29 15:37 25 Feb 2008

I have dealth with amazon for years and they clearly state if you have to pay postage and what it is before you finalise the order

  oldbeefer2 15:41 25 Feb 2008

I've seen postage charges posted when stuff has come directly from them (which just about all may previous purchases have), but I ordered this 'one click' and don't recall the postage being there. Perhaps it was a senior moment!

  Pamy 17:21 25 Feb 2008

Postage may include insurance cost

  Pamy 17:23 25 Feb 2008

Go back and do it again, but stop before giving card details and see if postage is shown this time

  interzone55 20:26 25 Feb 2008

One Click order does just what it says on the tin, it misses out all the steps and sends the order directly to the supplier.

I find that the 30 or so seconds spent going through the full order process are rarely wasted.

On the right hand side of the product page, just above the "Add to Shopping Basket" button it clearly states who is going to supply the product, where it be or A2B Book Supplies.

  oldbeefer2 22:14 25 Feb 2008

Thanks all - we live and learn!

  oldbeefer2 12:39 26 Feb 2008

Just for interest - have visited the site of Amazon's remote seller. The same item was very slightly more expensive than from Amazon, but the shipping cost was £1.20, meaning the same item from the same supplier was £2 less. Can only think that the excess goes back to Amazon to 'pay' them for hosting the other seller's goods? Or does anyone know differently?

  oldbeefer2 11:08 28 Feb 2008

For interest - the item has now arrived with a covering letter saying some peoplr have complained about excessive postage. They say the reason is that Amazon insist on only one postage rate irrespective of the weight of the goods, so good news if you buy a 42in TV, but not so good if you get something very light! Be warned.

  bjh 11:33 28 Feb 2008

Thanks for the feedback: I am off on a shopping spree on Amazon at the moment - a useful warning!!

  interzone55 21:39 28 Feb 2008

I was going to buy a TV from Amazon at the weekend & noticed that it would only cost about a fiver for delivery - amazing really seeing as the actual shipping for the TV would cost at least £20.

I bought it from Selfridges anyway because it was reduced & cheaper than Amazon...

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