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  bigray 07:52 27 Oct 2010

I sent a letter recorded delivery £1.05 that was never delivered, when I went back to the post office I was told that no guarante can be given so I asked why send it recorded delivery, she said I dont know. sent 3 emails to the post office to get this reply, so dont bother to send recorded delivery
(Our records show that your item is currently being returned to the sender.I would like to explain what will happen to your item: If the sender'saddress is shown on the outside of any item posted by mistake, the mailcentre would usually return it. If there is no sender's address, the itemwould be opened at our National Returns Centre so we could try to find asender's address. If a sender's address is found, we will return the item.)

  hastelloy 08:03 27 Oct 2010

Recorded delivery click here is something I never use. If I need to be certain its arrived in good time and is insured if this doesn't happen I always use Special Delivery click here

  morddwyd 08:46 27 Oct 2010

Recorded delivery is for when you send something which the recipient may deny receiving.

It is not meant as a check on Post Office efficiency.

  jaraba 14:49 27 Oct 2010

Is I believe in Belfast.

I had something returned & it took forever even though it had my return address on it.

I quite often send things by recorded delivery & although you are supposed to be able to check online if it has been delivered I have actually in some cases had a reply whilst the royal mail site just tells me it has been posted or is going through the system.
I have just checked one posted on 22 Sep which I know was delivered and QUOTE
"Item ************ was posted at ********** on 22/09/10 and is being progressed through our network for delivery."

  961 15:25 27 Oct 2010

If you post an item in a post office and ask for a (free) certificate of posting you are entitled to claim compensation up to the cost of 100 first class stamps if it is not delivered and you can prove the value of the contents

If you send an item recorded delivery it goes through the normal post but the delivering postman will obtain a signature when he delivers it in order to prove the recipient received it. The maximum compensation if it goes awol is still the same (£41)

If you want secure delivery you need to use special delivery. Delivery by 1pm next day or your money back. (Excepting some Highlands and Islands) More expensive, but reliable and insurable for much more. Standard compensation up to £500 included subject to proof of value of contents. And you can establish without doubt that the recipient received it

If you send an item by ordinary post and it can't be delivered it goes to Belfast. If the senders address is on the envelope or in a letter inside they'll send it back to you

If the item is insufficiently stamped the local delivery office will send a demand to the addressee asking for the understamped amount plus £1 service charge. They will then hold the item for 3 weeks to see if the addresse will pay and only then send it to Belfast where they will try to return to sender

  spuds 18:50 27 Oct 2010

I once sent an item with tracking facility, the company had moved address, so Royal mail redirected the item. No trace as to where the item had been redirected, because Royal Mail would not disclose this due to the data protection act, or at least that is what they insisted.

Fortunately the company replied, and that was how I find the item had actually been delivered. Paid for guaranteed next day timed delivery but item was delivered a few days later than that, and no compensation offered. The item was delivered so I suppose I cannot grumble.

  ronalddonald 19:30 27 Oct 2010

if you want guranteed delivery use special delivery recorded delivey means tha its only recorded, you better of asking for proof of posting form which is free.

  bigray 04:15 28 Oct 2010

thanks all

  GaT7 16:17 28 Oct 2010

I've received RD items on at least 5 occasions in the last 9-10 years, which were just pushed through the letterbox - i.e. without a knock or signature asked for. That may have happened to your letter too bigray - did you ask the recipient if he/she received it?

As the others have said, SD is the one to send it via if you ever need guaranteed tracked delivery. It costs a little more but is well worth it, especially for items with value of £42 & above.

spuds, I had a similar experience when a SD package was redirected with the forwarding address not being divulged. I got in touch with the recipient to ask whether he had received it in reasonable time & in good order. But he didn't even have the decency to reply to say how it went - much less an apology for providing the incorrect address in the first place. G

  spuds 17:12 28 Oct 2010

What made me a little annoyed, was the fact that the data protection act as nothing to do with this eventuality of redirection to a company, yet the Royal Mail 'insists' that it does.

The Act is for 'named persons only' not company addresses. But I suppose the Royal Mail would then argue about 'customer confidentiality'?.

  jaraba 21:22 28 Oct 2010

I know this isn't the same but I remember phoning directory enquiries for a number & whilst getting the number I asked them for the address & they quoted data protection even though they publish the addresses online.

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