Possible PSU issues. Need Help

  Crueluk 10:17 12 Nov 2014

Hey guys,

Basically ive had my pc for about a year now, everything running fine but I wanted to upgrade to 4k so bought a new graphics card to support it.

I bought the R9 295x2. Pretty beefy graphics card and with it comes a pretty beefy watt requirement.

I currently run a 1050W Corsair HX+ 80+ Gold PSU. I have a 3930K I7 Hexcore and a Asus Rampage IV Gene Motherboard. 2 Hard drives and 2 SSD drives. 2 120mm fans, 1 240mm fan. 2 Liquid coolers, (One for the CPU and one attached to graphics card)

Anyway, I think thats everything you will need to know. Last night I got a BSOD, when I restarted the pc I got to windows then instant blue screen again. After this nothing would work. I couldnt get the displays to show at all. I ended up moving the card PCI slots and only connecting 1 of my monitors to it.

This led to me being able to get to the BIOS and then I got Disk Manager is missing. I reinstalled windows and everything appears to be running fine apart from a couple of things now.

  1. If I switch the plugs off at the mains and back on, the first time I start the PC it turns itself back off almost instantly (I believe the PSU might not be able to handle the surge) Upon pressing the power button again the PC boots as normal.
  2. When it gets into windows I get a recurring USB connection sound for about 2 minutes. I believe this is also something to do with the PSU.

I really just wanted someone to reaffirm this before I go and buy a PSU. The one thing I find odd is when I play games I don't appear to crash or anything and I would have thought with all the components being under load.

Thank you in advance.

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