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Poss. pitfalls in switching to Sky from BT/Plusnet

  Bazzaman 11:46 01 Sep 2016

Currently with BT for phone line / anytime talk package and Plusnet for Broadband.

Looking at switching to Sky for all the above (Sky seems to have best deal at present - TalkTalk is of no interest due to appalling track record). Don't have any interest at all in TV over broadband.

Am assuming that existing phone number will get switched over (any comments on whether this could fail?).

Any particular pitfalls to watch out for?

  Pine Man 16:14 01 Sep 2016

I changed phone line, broadband and talk package to Sky. They did everything I wanted on the day they said they would without any problems whatsoever and I kept my phone number.

On the very rare occasion that I have required assistance since the change I have had first class help from English speaking people in the UK.

About a month ago I had a problem with my phone when it didn't always connect. After contacting Sky an OpenReach technician attended by appointment (on time) and to make sure everything worked ok he changed the cable to my house and the junction box inside. He remarked that even though he worked for a branch of BT he wouldn't touch their BB with a barge pole. He also commented that of all the different ISP's that used OpenReach Sky were the ones that wanted to get things fixed asap without any problems for their customer.

Don't worry - no pitfalls.

  Bazzaman 10:02 02 Sep 2016

Thanks Pine Man.

By way of pitfalls I was also thinking of whether Sky had any nasty wrinkles to be wary of in their Ts & Cs. Hopefully not.

  Pine Man 10:13 02 Sep 2016

None that I have found.

  Jollyjohn 14:16 02 Sep 2016

Just be aware that SKY use Yahoo for eMail provision.

  Bazzaman 14:28 02 Sep 2016


Thanks for that. I won't really want to use their email services (but I suppose I will have to have an email account set-up with them - just like one has to have a gmail account with Google for Android and I don't use that either).

BUT that brings to mind one important specific query:-

With Plusnet I can send emails "from" any email account (e.g. tiscali, onetel, gmail etc. etc.) out over the PlusNet SMTP servers, even when I'm not connected to PlusNet Broadband. So, for example, when I'm on holiday and using whatever WiFi, I can still send emails for those accounts out over the PlusNet servers by having my phone / tablet set-up to use and signin to the PlusNet servers for outgoing email.

Will Sky allow the same flexibility or will they restrict use of their servers to their (Yahoo) email?

  Pine Man 14:57 02 Sep 2016

I'm not entirely sure I follow you BUT I use Outlook 2016 (part of office) as my email client on my Mac at home. On my iPhone and iPad I use the default mail programs on each anywhere in the world to connect to Sky without any issues.

  Jollyjohn 15:30 02 Sep 2016

Good news - No you won't have to have an eMail address from them.

You will be able to send from different accounts but you will have to "verify third party account" - this is fairly straight forward but needs to be done for each account you want to use.

  Bazzaman 16:22 02 Sep 2016

Thanks for the replies.

JollyJohn "verify third party account" sounds very much like what BT require you to do (I've never used it as I don't use BT Broadband, but I've helped a couple of neighbours do it with BT). Do you know if you can then use it (for sending such email) from anywhere in the world, even when not using a Sky broadband connection?

toejams PlusNet support use of either (or even a combination of) IMAP and POP servers (as do most ISPs and email services), with SMTP servers providing the sending services. This link provides a good summary. In fact I use both IMAP and POP for many of my email accounts (including PlusNet's). I use POP on my main PC (so that my complete history is on my PC and accessible even when off-line), not on someone else's server) and IMAP on mobile devices so that I can see the latest (and only the latest) when I'm out and about. And don't worry - my stuff is VERY well backed-up.

Pine Man It's about not the software that you use, rather the permitted access to the remote servers for sending emails. When you send an email it gets routed through an SMTP server that one connects to. Many ISPs only permit you to send emails over their SMTP servers for email accounts that emanate from them (e.g. a ukonline server such as might only accept outbound emails where the sender is [email protected] or [email protected]). PlusNet do not enforce this restriction - one can send emails from any email address (i.e. with any domain) out over their SMTP servers as long as you are signed into their SMTP server. They don't even require you to be doing it over a connection to their broadband service. That's why I can send emails from my old tiscali email address over PlusNet's SMTP server from anywhere in the world. Sorry that's a bit long winded!

  Jollyjohn 11:45 03 Sep 2016

"Do you know if you can then use it (for sending such email) from anywhere in the world, even when not using a Sky broadband connection?" As far as I know, yes. I have set up the Sky package for someone in my village and they use a laptop at a different location with no issues.

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