portable storage

  plumbism 08:27 15 Aug 2004

hi all
i would like to know which portable storage device is recomended.i want to store images off my olympus digital camera while away from my computer and be able to view them to make sure they have transfered ok.

  Devil Monkey 11:05 15 Aug 2004

Get a few memory cards for your camera - 256mb cards are not particularly expensive nowadays.

Do you plan on taking a laptop with a CD burner?

Failing that, you can get a CD burner that will burn direct from memory cards to CD without a PC. They cost about £150 or so. Not really worth it to my mind but there is a market for everything.

  Newuser4165 11:12 15 Aug 2004

You could have a look at one of these devices from Archos - there are a number of different versions including the Photo versions which have a plugin card reader for the memory cards in use:-
click here

I see you have an Olympus camera -- if it uses XD cards then you will also need a XD/CompactFlash adapter to fit into the compactFlash memory card module.
Later models don't need a separate photo module - just an adapter.
All very confusing at the moment.

  Diemmess 11:39 15 Aug 2004

You will have enough clobber anyway on your travels. Just take memory cards for a lump more than you expect to use.

They are small, physically tough, and you can view them in your camera any time you want.

Leave all the gadgetry for your return home when you will be able to transfer the files at leisure.

  Jarvo 17:13 15 Aug 2004

When travelling I use two 512mb cards and get a photographic shop / INTERNET café / computer shop to burn to CD for me if I do not take my laptop. I always travel with my back up Cd's separate to my memory cars/ laptop so should one or the other go missing you still have a copy. You can buy back up hard drives but at about £200 you are a good lump to wards a secondhand laptop and memory cards and Cd's are a lot more durable so its still worth a CD backup.


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