Portable dvd writer

  throughball 21:00 07 Apr 2003

I am looking to buy a portable dvd writer for my laptop. I would prefer one that could be powered via the laptop if possible. Any recos. Thanks

  ar333 23:57 10 Apr 2003

I'm looking, too; apparently the HP dvd300e and the Sony DRX500UL are the ones to look out for (check out the American version of pc advisor - I think its pcworld.com -'s website for a top 10).

Good luck!

  ar333 02:16 11 Apr 2003

Oh, yeah... The new Freecom models come with rechargeable batteries; I *think* if you connect them via PCMCIA, they do work from the laptop itself. I'm not too sure, though... check it out at click here.

  throughball 08:31 11 Apr 2003

The Sony gets best marks but doesn't solve the power issue. Trying to find a review of the Freecom Traveller Plus is like looking for the proverbial needle....

  ar333 14:10 11 Apr 2003

Try click here. Even if they don't have a review of the specific model you're looking for, they might have some other freecom reviews to give you an idea.

Any suggestions of where to find a burner at a good price? My budget is kinda tight, and I could do with some advice.

  throughball 20:21 11 Apr 2003

Hi ar333

Hope u got note re stores.

If cash is tight (and when isn't it) u might review NEC 1300 when it arrives next month, or NEC 1000 and 1100 get good reviews (£120 - £175). Also Ricoh MP5125 is in this band.

Next band includes Pioneer AO5/AO4 and HP. Then the Sony 500.

Hope this helps - also try dvdrhelp.com for reviews too

  ar333 21:19 11 Apr 2003

Hi throughball

Thanks for your note. Enjoy your drive!

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