Portable 12v power pack

  Dragon_Heart 22:03 16 Apr 2011

Having a little trouble finding what I need.

I don’t need to jump start the car, inflate the tyres, use it as a torch or even as a radio … I just need a safe portable 12v power pack with say a 20Ah battery to power our cool-box when the car is parked up on days out.

You must be able to recharge it from a 12 volt supply or via a mains adapter.

Say £50 ish

Any ideas ?

  wee eddie 11:06 17 Apr 2011

What's wrong with buying an extra 'Car' battery.

  spuds 11:24 17 Apr 2011

Quite a number of places sell these items with all the whistles and bells at various prices, but from my own personel experiences I have found that the non-commercial types can be unreliable, especially if they are not kept at peak condition.

Most 'cool-boxes' can be plugged into the vehicle socket during the journey, and with ice packs, they should retain some degree of coolness at the journey end.

Using a standard 'sealed' battery might be a good substitute, as wee eddie as already suggested. If you have an home battery charger, then plug it in on the return home. This method could also act as a replacement for your own vehicle, if needed at a later date.

  ICF 11:47 17 Apr 2011

Bit more expensive than £50 (They also do a 125Ah version) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ring-Automotive-RPP110-Complete-Compressor/dp/B001NIBW5K

  ICF 11:48 17 Apr 2011

Soz link mix up LOL

Ring 20AH

  woodchip 12:37 17 Apr 2011

These are Gell battery's so will not leak if tipped over copy paste the link into browser address bar as its not loading the link icon in PCA

click here

  Woolwell 13:27 17 Apr 2011

It is usual in caravanning to use a leisure battery for this type of use. Slightly different to a car battery and asfer.

Probably the best place to look for the type of charger/battery that you want is a caravan/camping store.

  Forum Editor 14:20 17 Apr 2011


I've sorted out the link for you.

  woodchip 16:54 17 Apr 2011

FE thanks very much I was having lots of problems with the Page not fully loading and icons not showing, even with Java Script turned off.

The Link I gave is for Deep Charge Battery's Like caravan battery, they use them on Disabled Scooters, So that they last longer on a Charge. Car Battery's only give out Big amps on Start as that's what car battery's are made for

  Dragon_Heart 22:49 19 Apr 2011

Gel/AGM batteies, as used on mobility scooters are OK BUT you can not use automotive or wet type chargers so I would also need to buy a new charger.

I have looked on the 'net and found plans for a DIY plywood carry case for a leisure battery so may try that option.

Thanks for your ideas :-)

  carver 08:18 20 Apr 2011

Car batteries are not suitable for this sort of thing, they are not designed to be used in this sort of way.

You need a leisure battery, these are designed so that they can be run over a long time until they have only a 30% charge left in them with out damage being done to them before they need a recharge.

Car batteries on the other hand are designed to be used with a min 80% charge in them, a car battery will not really be able to manage the deep cycle that a leisure battery will cope with.

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